Notre-Dame de Paris, April 27, 2020. - Thibault Camus / AP / SIPA

The last phase of the delicate dismantling operation of the scaffolding of the spire of Notre-Dame de Paris, distorted by the heat of the fire, will begin on Monday, the public establishment responsible for restoring the cathedral announced on Sunday .

“The spire of Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral was under restoration during the fire of April 15, 2019. The scaffolding installed for this operation resisted the collapse of the spire but it was deformed by the heat of the 'fire', reminds the public establishment in a press release.

Two teams will succeed to dismantle it

This scaffolding, consisting of 40,000 pieces, 200 tonnes "half of which is more than 40 meters high", was first "consolidated and then surrounded by metal beams on three levels to stabilize and prevent any risk of collapse ”, according to the same source.

A second scaffolding was put in place and from Monday, "two alternating teams of five rope access technicians will descend as close as possible to the burnt out parts to cut, using saber saws, the metal tubes melted on top of each other" . They will be evacuated with an 80 meter crane. "This operation will take place throughout the summer," said the press release.

The site, put on hold during the confinement due to the coronavirus crisis, had resumed gradually at the end of April.


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