François Baroin at the 102 congress of the association of mayors of France, of which he is the president. - Lionel GUERICOLAS / MPP / SIPA

The suspense remains intact. Former Minister LR François Baroin, whom some in his party would see as a presidential candidate in 2022, said in the JDD that he "will clarify his intentions in the fall".

“The time is not for the presidential election. The lessons of the crisis must be learned, this is the priority for the French. Whatever my decision, I will clarify my intentions in the fall, ”said the president of the Association of Mayors of France in the Journal du dimanche .

Back to school book

The former minister must also publish a book on September 23 to feed "the debate of the ideas of (his) political family". “But the question of incarnation is another subject. This is not the date, ”he said to the weekly.

For François Baroin, the first round of the municipal elections was "a severe failure for the president's party", which showed his "complete lack of understanding of the need for proximity". “The first round, however, was a success for Les Républicains, who remain the first municipal political force. The right ends with a long cycle of defeats, ”added the mayor of Troyes. "This dynamic will strengthen the reconstruction of our party initiated by Christian Jacob, who knew how to bring together our natural allies," he says.

The LREM militants "could not find what united them and this slow drift of the continents will lead to rediscover a traditional political landscape: a popular right, strong of a new generation which obtained spectacular scores in the municipal elections" and " a left which reconstitutes a fairly wide arc ”.

He announced that the United Senate and Territories, which brings together regions, departments and municipalities, will take early July "a very strong initiative" in favor of a "great text of local freedoms".

Advocacy for more "local freedoms" and less centralization 

"We will ask for transfers of powers, means and staff to local authorities, and a modification of the Constitution, in particular of its article 72, to consecrate their fiscal and financial autonomy and their free administration", he details. Emmanuel Macron "must act on the end of an ultra-centralized scheme which has shown its powerlessness during this crisis," said François Baroin.

Regarding municipal alliances between LREM and LR, he believes that the LREM candidates "to try to exist, are forced to ally with those who beat them". "In chess, this is called a forced blow: either they disappear from the landscape, or they integrate a larger majority under the authority of republican mayors".


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