Ibrahim Jarwan, a researcher in astronomy and meteorology, warned the member of the Arab Federation for Space and Astronomy that the high external temperature during the summer increases the temperature inside the vehicle to 60 degrees, as a result of global warming inside the car, which may cause heat exhaustion and heat shock to those Inside the vehicle, deaths due to this result in hot areas, especially in the children, the elderly and the sick category.

He cautioned that the heat of warming affects the activity and health of the normal person when exposed to the direct sun, especially during the hours between ten in the morning and five in the afternoon, and causes a number of health damages associated with hot climates such as fatigue, exhaustion, heat rash, sunstroke, muscle spasms, and others.

And he warned against the danger of leaving people, especially children, in vehicles exposed to direct sun, as within an hour the temperature inside the closed car exposed to the midday sun rises from 35 degrees (the external temperature of the weather) to 60 inside the car due to the global warming inside the car, which may cause symptoms Health for those inside it leads to death, especially for children, the elderly and the sick.

He cautioned that high temperatures inside closed vehicles cause the ignition of substances that contain alcohol, such as sterilizers and perfumes, and that high temperatures outside the vehicle may cause old or poor tires to explode, which endangers people's lives.

In addition, Abu Dhabi Police called on the public to exercise caution when using hand sanitizers and not to leave them for a long time in vehicles, especially with the high temperatures during the summer.

She pointed out that most sterilizers contain alcohol, which helps reduce the risk of infection, "Covid-19", and sterilizers usually contain a different concentration of alcohol from one sterilizer to another.

She said that «incidents of suffocation of children inside the car when they are alone are due to the neglect of families in the first place, because the child does not realize the risks that surround him as a result of his lack of awareness of things, and here comes the role of parents in protecting the child from himself and others, where the role of the family is vital in This framework, hoping that such incidents, which innocent people fall, will not take place. ”

A crime punishable by law

Abu Dhabi Police have appealed to drivers not to leave children in vehicles alone while shopping, or for any other reason, and to put their lives at risk, as this is a crime punishable by law, and those who prove negligence in such cases will be referred to the judicial authorities to take legal action against them.

She explained that leaving children in vehicles may cause their death or suffocation due to children messing with the car key and closing it, which leads to lack of oxygen and high temperatures inside the vehicle or moving it due to tampering with the transmission and the occurrence of an accident, or the exploitation of weak souls and theft of the car.

High temperatures inside closed compounds ignite alcohol-containing materials.

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