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Two police officers who shoved an elderly man in Buffalo (New York) hard, causing him to fall to the ground and hit his head, during a protest against racism, an incident recorded on video and that went viral, were charged this Saturday with assault. on the second grade.

The two police officers, who pleaded not guilty, were released pending a new appearance before the judge on July 20, according to the district attorney's office.

In images captured by local media last Thursday, you can see how Aaron Torglaski , 39, and Robert McCabe , 32, members of a riot team in Buffalo, push for an apparent reason, an elderly man, who falls from his back hitting his head and he remains motionless on the ground while bleeding from the ears.

The old man, identified as Martin Gugino , had to be hospitalized and, according to the authorities, is in a stable state and recovering, within gravity.

The video caused strong outrage in the United States and led to the suspension without pay of the two agents while investigating what happened, after the police initially claimed that the man had stumbled.

In solidarity with them, the 57 members of Buffalo's riot unit have resigned from being part of that team, although they keep their jobs.

The police unions have defended the actions of the agents, ensuring that they only followed orders.

In the protest in question, according to local media, there were only 20 people , while the video shows a greater number of riot police, who are advancing towards them, several with batons in hand.

New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo welcomed the indictment against the two officers and argued that they should also be fired from the body. "What we saw was horrible and disgusting, I think illegal ," Cuomo said during a press conference this Saturday.

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George Floyd's harsh images of an elderly man bleeding on the ground during a protest in Buffalo stoke racial tensions in the US

The Minnesota prosecutor brings the charge to the police officer who killed George Floyd to unintentional murder and prosecutes the other three officers.

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