"I am delighted to be able to defend our ideas directly with a Vice President of the Government who I think wants to impose policies in Spain that are very contrary to what is convenient for the Spanish. The truth is that I like to have the opportunity to tell him directly what I think about his proposals. "

This is how Reyes Romero Vilches , Vox deputy and spokesperson for this training in the Social Affairs Commission, responds when asked about his inquiries to Pablo Iglesias , like the one that took place this week.

The Sevillian tells LOC that she feels "a spokesperson for what many Spaniards think, that they even write to encourage me, thank me and tell me that this is the way to talk to her. But of course without losing respect. Last Wednesday it seemed to me a theater all that we lived in the Commission. All as close friends and nobody asked about the nursing homes. I had to speak to myself and then to the PP. And I was the first one who faced him in a different way. Of course the good tone he had with the parties that had intervened before was quite different. "

Until he joined Vox, Reyes had not worked in politics, and he assures that he would never have imagined that from the rostrum of Congress "insults such as those that this man had dedicated to us were heard, also threatening us that we are going to disappear. What is it? What is he going to do to us? Legally, I think we have more reasons to exist than they do, because we defend the Constitution, which they do not seem to do, with a party that is against the King and against the Spanish nation. "

For this deputy, a politician must "respect others, ideas and debate, and not have half measures to get along with everyone. I have nothing to do with that person. And here we are to defend and represent our voters , also to those who have not voted for us, to all the Spanish ".

Daughter of "farm workers"

Reyes was born in Marchena ( Seville ), is the eldest of four brothers, and comes from a family "of farm workers, where I have spent almost all my life. I have picked olives, I have picked watermelon, I have worked in the fields, I know well that world. " So she does not understand "that you have to bring people from outside to work while here there are people collecting unemployment." "My father has some olive trees, after a lot of work and effort, and now that he is older, when he looks for someone to help him pick the olives, he does not find anyone. Because many are paid the same as if they were working. And now with the new life pension they won't even look for a job, "he says.

The Sevillian married 18 years of age in the chapel of the Salesian college in Seville. She lived three years in Pilas , because her husband, a high school teacher, was assigned there. When they moved to the Andalusian capital, Reyes was already pregnant with her first child. Later her other three daughters would be born, two of them twins. Her oldest son, 30, is already working. The second, opposing. And the two small ones, starting the university career.

For her part, her husband continues to practice as a professor of Roman Law at the Pablo de Olavide University and as a professor of Latin and Greek Baccalaureate at an institute.

Thirty-three years of a marriage that began in the Salesian environment, because her husband's uncle, Luis Valpuesta , now deceased, belonged to this congregation. "For many years, we spent Christmas Eve with my parents and siblings, and on Christmas day we ate with my husband's family. We went to mass in that same chapel, we have always had a lot of relationship with the Salesians. At home there

They also collaborate with the parish of San Francisco Javier , located in the Seville neighborhood where the deputy lives with her family, the Polígono San Pablo . "I do not live in La Moraleja or play golf. I live in a humble neighborhood surrounded by working people. It is true that my house is good, but we have been paying the mortgage for almost thirty years. With effort and sacrifice. There have been years in the that we have not been able to travel or go to the beach with the children. And now because you have property, they insult you and call you rich. "

Rich or far right. "We don't have anything from the extreme right. The first time I voted, it was Felipe González . And my husband too. My family is from rural areas, where people tend to be more left-wing. Then people evolve, and I saw that policies They did not square much with the reality we live in. And we started voting for the PP because we thought it was the best thing that could happen in Spain. But when Bolinaga was released , for me it was a turning point. "

He assures that Vox "is here to denounce, because we have seen a lot of complicity years ago between PP and PSOE. They reached a kind of consensus as not to attack each other very much and alternate in the Government. Now we are changing Congress, that's why they are all attacking us the parties".

Catholic and pro-life

A practicing Catholic, she always wears a cross around her neck, something she is proud of. It is also against abortion and defends the life of the unborn. Like it defends the Spanish who are having a bad time, although without agreeing with the minimum income.

"One day I heard on the street a young girl who said that she had a daughter and did not have a job, that she had gone to ask for help and they told her that it was not given because she had family roots. We have to defend the Spaniards, because many need help. I think that people have not yet realized the misery that is coming in the coming years. Many jobs are being destroyed, businesses that have closed, and in Seville there have already been two suicides of hoteliers. terrible".

For this reason, he does not understand that there are no workers here in the field. "When you have a need, you have to look for work anywhere," he says. She says that her oldest son has spent six years working abroad. "He graduated in Biology , worked in various companies in Nicaragua , Ecuador , India , Cape Verde and the Netherlands . Now he is already in Seville. But he had fellow students who never wanted to go abroad. My son experienced difficult circumstances, in conditions that were not they are the ones he has here at home. But he has always gone to all those places with his papers in order, "he says, touching on the issue of illegal immigration. "It is very good that people come to Spain, but that they come legally. In addition, this would prevent human trafficking."

To give aid to so many people, money is needed, and Reyes does not know "where they are going to get it from. They will freeze pensions if they do not lower them, they will freeze the salaries of officials, they will raise taxes ...".

Talking about her son's work, she talks about the measures against the coronavirus . He was working in Milan when Italy began to have a high number of deaths. "From Vox we proposed very soon that the borders be closed. I spoke with my son daily until one day they were told at work to get out of there as soon as possible, on March 1 or 2. The next day he flew to Spain Before going home, he went to a clinic and said that he came from Milan to be tested. And even though he had a tenth of a fever, they scolded him for going and sent him home without doing anything to him. "

Since then, and after the Vistalegre event , Reyes, like the rest of his party mates, locked himself up in his bedroom for a week out of prudence. He had discomfort, severe leg pain, and general discomfort. He managed to get the test done at home; negative. Later, in another test, he was told that he did have antibodies.

"At first they said that the masks were not necessary. I think that if it had been given the importance that it had, maybe there would not have been so many infected. They got to where they got without saying anything to celebrate 8-M . That is clear. At Vox we have documents that we are already filing and making the appropriate complaints. The Government had documentation since the end of January. In fact, in questions that I have asked in writing, officials of Congress, who are the ones who answer us, say yes, that in February, and up to date, they had already given orders to the civil guards at airports and borders to exercise caution. Despite them, they did not do temperature tests or anything at airports, "he says.

All this new life as a policy does not affect his personal life, but he does worry, especially when he thinks of the deceased in nursing homes. "I get goose bumps," she says. As with the dance of figures in the number of deceased. "In Catalonia 12,000 dead have now appeared. I do not know if they were being kept hidden for continuing to support the government and suddenly now they have been removed for something."

In politics "for a matter of conscience"

Reyes entered politics "out of patriotism and a matter of conscience. For the defense of our Nation and its traditions -among them, bulls and hunting- and so that my children have a better future than what I was seeing from what society was becoming, without values. "

But before all this, the Seville woman had worked in fashion brands, such as Adolfo Domínguez , ByB and Bimba y Lola .

She says that her style of dress is "classic", and that she wears sneakers when she goes out with her husband as well as heels when the occasion deserves it, because "I like to dress up and have a good image," she confesses.

She worked a few years in the Double Erre agency , of Raquel Revuelta , as director of the preselections of the Miss Sevilla pageant . And she was even a model in some advertising photo shoots.

Reyes maintains a good figure, which she herself attributes to having "an extraordinary metabolism that I must have inherited from my mother. I am also a very active person", although she confesses that she has not been to a gym for a long time.

During the confinement and with his daughters he has made exercise tables at home, and what he does try whenever he can is to go to the field. "I need it, at least one day a week, because it gives me life. I am happy with my husband taking a walk, I do not need great things to be happy, just to see my family in health, which is the most important thing" .

And for health, a varied diet. Reyes Romero eats everything. Chickpea stew, gazpacho, vegetables, pasta, meat and fish, but what he likes most is rice in all its versions. "When the Congress dining room was open and there was rice, I always chose it. My companions were surprised, because I always eat first course, second course and dessert, because in my house it is eaten like this. Now then we don't make dinner as formal as at noon".

Although, unlike most of the people of Seville, she is not particularly devoted to snails, she does remember that her mother cooked them when she was little, and that her aunt knows how to prepare delicious "cabrillas in sauce" and that they also carry cookies for thicken it. They are great, "he says.

No plans for the summer

As summer approaches, Reyes and his family still don't know what they will do this year. His custom was to spend fifteen days in La Antilla ( Huelva ), where his mother-in-law, who died last year, used to spend the summer. But this year her college daughters were planning to go to work in the United States and learn English along the way. With the coronavirus everything stopped. "Maybe we will stay in Seville. Anyway, surely until July I will have to go to Madrid, " he explains.

When talking about his family, issues arise, and he returns to politics. Among them, he remembers the problem that his cousin had, "who was falsely accused of mistreatment, that's why I am sensitized to this issue. I know that there are really mistreated people and of course these women need all the support in the world. complaints that are false because they seek to collect the payment . The woman who denounced my cousin was given the payment, but when it was found that everything was false they took it away. They should have demanded that she return the money she had received. "

He adds that "many beach bars have been set up around this issue, I think that really abused people really do not receive support. Yes, there are abused women, but also a lot of fraud, and against that you have to act because it is a criminal act."

And the name of Pablo Iglesias reappears . "He has told us that they are going to approve that abused women can take their pets to the foster homes, and that they are going to give a financial start to promote care for these pets, because many women do not abandon the aggressor to avoid leaving to their animals. I have never mistreated an animal, in my house we have had dogs, chickens, turkeys ... But I think that a mistreated person should immediately leave that environment, and for us people come before animals. "

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