Clashes erupted Saturday, at the end of a demonstration against police violence in Metz. The pedestrian entrance to the courthouse was forced and the public prosecutor transported to the hospital to have received a projectile. 

Incidents erupted Saturday at the end of the demonstration against police violence in Metz, the prosecutor was slightly injured. 

The entrance to the courthouse

"By shaking the large door of the courthouse, demonstrators managed to force the small door for pedestrians," said the prosecutor of the Republic of Metz, Christian Mercuri. "I came to see the damage and I received a pebble on the nose," said the magistrate, from the hospital where he was going to be taken care of, adding that the demonstrators had quickly left the courthouse. 

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Some 800 demonstrators

According to the Moselle prefecture, some 800 people set off at the start of the afternoon for this demonstration against police violence, which first took place in calm. Despite prefectural bans, demonstrations took place in Paris and in several cities in France on Friday and Saturday to denounce police violence in France and pay tribute to George Floyd, African-American who died on May 25 at the hands of the police in the United States. United.