The event has been captured on film. The pictures show the older gentleman being pushed, then to stumble backwards, lose balance and fall to the ground.

The sound recording hears how the cops scream for him to move and then how the man's head hits the sidewalk. You can see how he is bleeding from the back of his head. The case occurred on Friday. An investigation into the incident has now begun.

- What we saw last night in front of the city hall is unacceptable. We were all badly affected by what happened, says Mark Poloncarz, Erie County Executive, AP reports.

Leaves in protest

57 police are now leaving the Buffalo police force's riot force in protest that their colleagues who pushed the 75-year-old have been shut down as a result of the incident.

- The 57 are retiring in protest against the treatment of two of their colleagues who simply executed orders, says Buffalopolis union president John Evans.

The cops have not resigned from the police, but only from the Buffalopolis police force who is working on the ongoing demonstrations in the city, which are part of protests after George Floyd's death. Strength is called the "emergency response team" in English. It reports CNN.

"Awake and conscious"

A lawyer representing the man says in a statement that he is "awake and conscious" reports CNN.

"He is asking for peace and quiet for himself and his family so he can recover," said attorney Kelly V. Zarone and continues:

- He appreciates all the greetings he has received and wants the protests to continue in a peaceful manner.

Does not require dismissal

Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown says he wants the two suspended police officers to have a fair judicial process.

"But I don't demand that they be dismissed," he tells CNN.

The protests in the United States began after a black man, George Floyd, died in connection with a brutal police raid in Minneapolis on May 25. His death has led to major protests and unrest across the United States, but also in other parts of the world.