[Global News] US CNBC has just announced that on the 5th local time, the US government canceled its plan to ban Chinese passenger airlines from flying to the US.

  CNBC said that the new regulations of the US Department of Transportation still restrict Chinese airlines flying to the United States, reducing four flights per week to only two flights to the United States per week. The U.S. Department of Transportation stated that this was necessary "to restore the balance of competition and fair and equal opportunities between the Chinese and American airlines in the scheduled passenger service market.

  Earlier, the U.S. Department of Transportation announced that it will suspend all Chinese and American scheduled passenger flights operated by Chinese airlines starting from the 16th of this month because China has failed to allow American carriers to operate scheduled passenger air services to and from China and cannot exercise the rights of both parties. all content".

  On the 4th, the Civil Aviation Administration of China issued the "Notice of the Civil Aviation Administration on Adjusting International Passenger Flights" (hereinafter referred to as "Notice") to adjust the number of international passenger flights. "Notice" shows that from June 8, 2020, China allows all foreign airlines that are not listed in the "International Flight Information Release (Phase 5)" flight plan to operate once a week if the conditions are met Flights on international passenger routes. The new policy will also implement an incentive and fuse mechanism for airlines based on passenger nucleic acid detection results.