Cristiano Ronaldo's relationship with fellow countryman and coach Jose Mourinho was not at their best during their time together at Real Madrid, and the "Don" was indignant about the way "Special One" dealt with him.

Croatian Luca Modric revealed part of that tense relationship in the book about his autobiography, and Spanish newspapers reported passages from the author titled "On My Way" which recounts an incident that Modric witnessed.

Modric explained that he was surprised by Mourinho's reaction during one of the King's Cup matches, and said, "We were 2-0 winners, and in one of the shots, Ronaldo did not pressure the players of the opposing team during a throwing throw, which angered Mourinho, who criticized Ronaldo severely on the field. After returning to the rooms The clothes between the two halves, I saw Ronaldo agitated and was about to cry, and said I was doing my best as he continued to criticize me. "

The Croatian star indicated that Mourinho, after entering the room, continued his criticism of Ronaldo, which caused an increase in tension between the two parties, and prompted a number of players to intervene in order to avoid the worst.

He led the royal Mourinho between 2010 and 2013, and that period saw a tense relationship between him and a number of the pillars of the team such as goalkeeper Iker Casillas.
Ronaldo played 106 games under the current coach of Tottenham, during which he scored 120 goals.