On Wednesday, the Palme Group's Prosecutor Krister Petersson will present some form of solution to the Palme murder. According to many analysts, the perpetrator identified as Olof Palme's killer may have died, something Krister Petersson himself has touched.

If the perpetrator is not deceased, the prosecutor cannot, for obvious reasons, bring charges, but according to Justice Chancellor Mari Heidenborg the case can still be considered "resolved", given what is presented.

- It is clear that it will not be legally enforced in the same way as it will be a court hearing, but a crime can be considered resolved even if you cannot bring a case against anyone. This is, among other things, when one can establish that there is an offender but that the person cannot be prosecuted, she tells SVT News.

Mari Heidenborg draws parallels to children who commit crimes.

- In normal cases, you do nothing but the prosecutor only states that these children have committed these crimes.

The expert: Indicates that prosecution will not be brought

So far, no one has been served suspicion of the crime, which is very telling that prosecution will not be brought, according to Eric Bylander, professor of litigation at Uppsala University.

- Otherwise, at least someone had a public defender appointed, and most likely someone had been arrested, he says.

But what is it that is necessary for the public to accept that the murder is solved without a court proceeding? What is it that must come up then?

- You have to explain so much about what has happened about the murder and in connection with the murder so that other solutions appear unlikely. That's how you reason in a court of law too.

"Part of the tragedy"

Eric Bylander does not agree that one can say that the murder is solved even without a convict in court.

- This is part of the tragedy of this national trauma. If the person, who could probably be convicted of this, is deceased then we will never with the certainty of knowing how it would have gone if we could have brought someone to justice in court.