The American man showed a "pistol" in his waist and was shot dead by the police, but later found out that it was...

  [Global Times reporter Evan] The Associated Press reported on the 3rd that the police said that a man suspected of robbing a pharmacy in the San Francisco Bay Area was shot by the police. The police thought he had a gun on his body at the time, but found that it was just a hammer.

  The man killed by the police was 22-year-old Sean Monterosa from San Francisco. American media said he was the first person to be certified dead by California law enforcement officials since the protests of the George Freud incident. The incident once again caused dissatisfaction with the police enforcement of the American people.

  To this end, the local sheriff Williams held a brief press conference, Williams explained, "The police caused tragedy when they had to use force. I express my condolences to the family of the deceased." William Si introduced that the police saw about 12 people suspected of robbery in the parking lot of a shop. One of the cars also hit the police car. Later, the police found Sean, who was nearby, and found something that appeared to be a weapon. Williams said: "He (Sean) suddenly stopped and knelt on the ground with his hands on his waist, revealing something like a pistol butt." Then a police officer fired five shots at Sean. Afterwards, the police discovered that Sean's sweatshirt had a hammer in his pocket. According to US media reports, the policeman who shot Sean is currently suspended for investigation.