Two days ago, a large landslide occurred in the town of Alta in northern Norway.

In a matter of seconds, not only the house and the car, but the whole earth was swept away by the sea.

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The ground mass is swept down towards the sea.

It slowly starts to lock from the right, and eventually all the houses on the ground are locked.

In less than 3 minutes, part of the village disappeared in an instant.

The swirling sea swallowed not only the land that had fallen into a landslide, but also homes and cars, and only building debris floated above the sea.

According to the Norwegian Water Resources Corporation, the landslide in the village of Alta was 650 meters wide and 150 meters deep, which was unprecedented.

The house is home to eight cars, and no human damage has occurred.

Norwegian authorities say they will continue to monitor the sea and sea level in case there is more land to move.

The netizens said, "It's a disaster movie itself... to swallow a chunk of ground as it is." "The momentum of the sea is scary. I'm very glad I didn't hurt anyone." It showed back reaction.

(Source: YouTube Disaster Compilations)