• Investigation: German Prosecutor's Office Assumes Madeleine McCann Is Dead
  • Investigation Madeleine McCann: Thirteen Years of Police Tribulation
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Christian Brueckner is 43 years old and has a long criminal record behind him. In his police file there are up to 17 entries, including driving without a license, bodily assault, robbery and sexual abuse of minors. The first indictment for "sexual contact with a child" was in 1994 . Brueckner was then 17 years old.

The Würzburg Court sentenced him to two years in prison, a sentence he partially served. Upon release from prison, he traveled to northern Germany. He trafficked drugs and started robbery .

In October 2011, a court in the state of Schleswig-Holstein sentenced him to one year and nine months in prison for trading in narcotic substances in large quantities.

In 2013, he was again charged with sexual abuse of a minor and possession of child pornography . In 2016, he was sentenced by the Braunschweig Court to one year and three months in prison. A Brueckner mugshot swelled a year later with a conviction for bodily crimes.

Last December, that same court accused him of having raped and robbed a 72-year-old American woman in 2005 in Praia da Luz , in Portugal, where he spent long periods of trading and occasional work.

The investigation of that rape and robbery was tortuous. The aggressor had blindfolded the victim, so she could not offer any information that would allow her to be identified . Years later, the Portuguese Police received an anonymous call detailing the content of the images captured by a stolen video camera. Investigators resumed investigating unsolved rape cases, including the US rape.

In new and more exhaustive searches, they found a hair in this woman's home that turned out to have the accused's DNA . During the process, he alleged that this hair must have reached the home caught in the hair of a cat that he stroked in front of the victim's home.

It took the police almost 10 years to catch the perpetrator of these events and place him in the dock, although the seven years he has been sentenced to have not been carried out because he was on appeal.

SUSPICIOUS FOR YEARS OF Madeleine McCann's disappearance

According to the German Federal Criminal Office, Brueckner has been among those suspected of Madeleine McCann's disappearance for years, although the information available at the time was not sufficient for his arrest. "There was a lot of evidence, but no evidence ," the spokesperson explained.

British police have linked Brueckner to the case after verifying that the suspect used his mobile in Praia da Luz, where he lived in a van, between 7:30 and 8:00 in the afternoon of May 3, 2007 , a hour before Madeleine disappeared from her bedroom.

Scotland Yard is trying to determine if the suspect matches the description of a blond man in his thirties who was seen at 4 in the afternoon near the apartment.

Christan Brueckner is currently serving time for an undisclosed crime and in a German prison that authorities have not released. Now, he faces an investigation as the main suspect in Madeleine's kidnapping and death, according to the German Prosecutor's Office.

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