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first plenary session of the 21st National Assembly was held today (5th) as the Democratic Party declared. As the negotiations on the original circle continued to draw parallels, members of the United Party immediately left the country after protesting, and the first opposition party was absent, and the Speakers and Vice-Chairmen were elected.

Reporter Kim Soo-young.

<Reporter> The

first plenary session of the 21st National Assembly was held this morning, attended by lawmakers.

The door of the National Assembly was opened, but soon followed.

[Hohoyoung/Future United Party Leader: We do not have any consensus on the agenda, so I would like to say that this plenary session is not legal today.]

Immediately after the remarks, the members of the United Party left the main meeting hall in unison.

Amid the absence of United Nations lawmakers, Democratic Party leader Park Byeong-suk, the most elected member of the 21st National Assembly, was elected to the National Assembly.

[Park Byeong-suk/President of the National Assembly: Communication creates empathy, and broadening the consensus can lead to compromise. The starting point of national unity is communication.]

Representative Kim Sang-hee of the 4th Democratic Party was elected to the chairman of the National Assembly, but it is the first time in the 73rd constitutional history that a female member joined the presidency.

The Vice-Chairman of the United Party could not be elected.

The Democratic Party and the United Nations Party are drawing parallel lines in the negotiations over the allocation of the permanent chairman, including the chairman of the court, but this afternoon, the chairman of the ruling party met with the new chairman Park Byung-suk, but only reaffirmed the existing position.

[Gimtaenyeon /, with the Democratic majority leader: old practices out boldly kicked want to show the face of such a Parliament for the New Era.]

[Juhoyoung / Future Majority Leader Party Integration: to believe in daeseungjeok Democrats should emitter road … ] While the

Democratic Party professed to end the election of the standing committee by the National Assembly law by the 8th, the day before, the day after the day after the day, the delegates will meet again to continue negotiations.

(Video coverage: Seunghwan Lee and Halong, Video editing: Park Ki-deok)