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In India, an elephant with a baby was eating pineapple firecrackers and hiding.

Even this elephant, suffering for four days in the water, died while standing in pain.

Indian forest authorities say the elephant swallowed pineapple firecrackers, and the explosion of the firecrackers in the swallowed pineapples was so strong that he was starved to death due to a bad wound in his mouth.

It is known that the firecrackers mistaken for prey by elephants have villagers hid the firecrackers that automatically explode in fruits to protect crops from boar.

One official was sad that the elephant "did not hurt anyone even when he was running through town with pain and hunger."

On social media, voices criticizing this elephant and criticizing human cruelty are pouring out.

The domestic netizens said, "How painful was it... humans are the most cruel." "Mother and baby elephant left together in the sky, please be comfortable..."

(Source: Twitter RNTata2000, imVkohli)