President Trump “No military dispatch needed” Black man death protest demonstration June 4, 10:48

On the 3rd, President Trump of the United States responded to a conservative media interview with Mr. Spicer, who was previously a spokesman under his own administration.

In this, President Trump said in a protest demonstration that continued in various places after the death of a black man, "We need law and order in our country now, because a bad group uses the dead black man". "And condemned the violent demonstration.

He added, "We are in full control," stressing that we have been able to prevent demo radicalization.

President Trump has shown his willingness to send out federal troops in order to maintain security, but when asked about this, he said, "It depends. In some cases, I don't think it will be necessary." Said he had a National Guard, and at this point no Federal troops are needed.

Also, when Mr. Spicer asked who was the toughest partner to negotiate since he took office as president, "Many people ask, "Are you Russia, China, or North Korea?" It's America."

Regarding the reason, Trump criticized the Democratic Party, saying that "the most difficult to deal with is the Democratic Party. It is very sad" after citing Russia's allegations that the opposition party and the Democratic Party sought strictly. Did.

Los Angeles Massive Protest Demo

In the center of Los Angeles, a large-scale protest was held for three days, and many young people marched on the main street holding placards saying "life of black people is important" or "realization of justice". Did.

The drivers of the cars passing by showed their support for the demonstration by sounding their horns and pushing their arms towards the sky.

On the 3rd, Minnesota's judicial authorities prosecuted four former police officers at the scene at the time of the incident, but a black man who participated in the demonstration said, ``For us, prosecution is only a passing point, I will just seek their guilt."

A white man who also participated in the demonstration complained, "The judicial authorities took too long to do anything."