China News Service, June 4th, according to foreign media reports on the 3rd, the medical examiner in Hennepin County, Minnesota, USA released the final autopsy report of the African-American man Freud, who was killed by the police kneeling and killed. De's death was due to "cardiac arrest". In addition, his new coronavirus test was positive, but this was not the cause of his death.

On May 25 local time, a policeman in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, arrested African-American man George Floyd on the ground and put his knee against his neck. According to witnesses, Freud was pressed to the ground and repeatedly suspected of being in a coma after saying that he could not breathe. Freud died after being taken to the hospital. (Video screenshot)

  According to reports, the final diagnosis in this report stated that Freud “had become unresponsive under the restraint of law enforcement personnel, he received emergency medical treatment at the scene, and was subsequently treated in the emergency department of the Hennepin Health Care Center , But the treatment is invalid."

  The report also pointed out that Freud was tested positive for the new coronavirus on April 3, and he still had no symptoms after his death, but the new coronavirus test "continued to be positive." However, the report showed that there was no indication that the new coronavirus was a factor in his death.

  In addition, the forensic office responsible for investigating the cause of Freud’s death also issued a supplementary report stating that the cause of Freud’s death was "cardiopulmonary arrest". The report also pointed out that Freud suffers from hypertension and heart disease, and is also accompanied by fentanyl poisoning, and recently took methamphetamine and cannabis.

  However, on the same day, Freud’s family lawyer Krump published another independent autopsy result, arguing that Freud’s death was because “the continued compression of the right carotid artery hindered blood flow to the brain. The heavy pressure on his back also hindered his ability to breathe." In this report, they requested first-degree murder charges against former Minneapolis police officer Derek Showan.

  On May 25, Freud was unfortunately killed after being kneeled down by white police in Minneapolis. At present, the four police officers involved have been detained.