Marynn Felice, marynnvita on TikTok, has almost 69,000 subscribers on the social network. - Marynn Felice

  • An Alsatian, Marynn Vita, 27, has successfully launched herself on the TikTok social network. she has nearly 70,000 subscribers to her account and one of her videos has been loved by loved by nearly 150,000 people.
  • What does she say about it? Mainly her daily cashieress in a supermarket in the Strasbourg suburbs. She stages her meetings with private clients, always using the Alsatian accent.
  • "I have always liked to imitate people, I have been doing it since I was a little girl," laughs the TikTokeuse, delighted with its success but very modest. “I love to give people a little happiness. "

Nearly 69,000 subscribers, a video loved by more than 150,000 people and thousands of positive comments ... "Ja, ja, c'est super ça", laughs Marynn Felice with this Alsatian accent which she reproduces wonderfully. For a month and a half, "marynnvita", her nickname where she associates with her daughter's first name, has become a real phenomenon on the TikTok social network. The key to its success? Small sketches where she mainly stages her job as a cashier at the “Super U Lingolsheim”.

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"I did not know the application at all, it was my cashier who showed it to me with her daughter about two months ago", rewinds the Strasbourg girl of 27 years old. "At first, I did like everyone else, I moved my lips to music but it didn't work ... It was when I started to imitate the customers of the store that it took off! As with this lady who complains that she was "billed twice" for her laundry. Or one who regrets that "the Lorraine quiche is too fine". Or this couple arguing because the gentleman "forgot the shopping bags at home" ...

“In fact, I have been put at the checkout since the start of confinement. Normally, I am a snack seller, ”she explains. “I realized that it was really not an easy job. You can be the nicest in the world, some customers are really not pleasant. "

"I am completely inhabited"

So when it comes across cases, the TikTokeuse listens attentively. “I also write down on a small paper the comments I heard and in the evening, I launch out into a video. As soon as it turns, I improvise. I'm completely inhabited, I take out some bullshit and go! "

Why with this famous accent specific to his native region? "I can do others, but this one works well. Already with my colleagues, it made them laugh when I took it. So I continued and I will not change. I always liked to imitate people, I do it since very small. But there, I'm still careful, I don't want people to be recognizable, it might not make them laugh. "

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Another limit, imposed by its supermarket manager, "do not film me in the store or speak ill of it". The comedian complies without problem. "I'm going to the next" Match ", or I'm doing it from home. I'm always careful that no one appears on the images. "Except sometimes his father or his partner, who are happy to play." It makes them laugh. "

They are not the only ones. Marynn Felice is receiving more and more fan visits. “Some people travel miles to see me and take photos. I have a lot of parents who tell me "my daughter loves you". It makes me super happy and makes me want to continue. "

The Alsatian also hopes that this new reputation will ultimately serve its other activity. Singer. “I am preparing for the end of September a second album which will be a bit rap hip-hop. The first one didn't move too much, it was more about love. She has also already shot two clips, including a recent one, "Confinés, Confinés", seen more than 11,000 times on Youtube .

“When I was younger, I wanted to be a singer but it is no longer a dream. Now I'm doing this next door and having fun in my life, my job, she concludes unpretentiously. I love to give people a little happiness. My sketches are what they also experience on a daily basis. They meet there and love. "


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