On Thursday morning in Kyrkösjärvi, Seinäjoki, there was a situation where a boy under the age of 10, who was on a swimming mattress, fell into the water and could not get up on his own.

There were a few eyewitnesses on the beach at the time of the incident.

Among them were Captain Mehmet Hetemaj of the Seinäjoki Football Club and his mother, who spent a beautiful summer day on the artificial lake.

Lake Kyrkösjärvi was built to regulate the floods in the Kyröjoki river.

According to an eyewitness, the boy fell into the water from his bathing mat before half a day. The shore of Lake Kyrkösjärvi is monitored, but monitoring starts at 12 noon on weekdays.

Hetemaj's mother rushed into the water at first, but when he couldn't get the boy up, the SJK midfielder ran after him and pulled the boy to shore.

Shortly after the incident, IS reached Hetemaj, who was still embarrassed by the water rescue.

- It's good weather here today, so my mom and I were sunbathing. We were about ten meters from the water, Hetemaj times.

They saw the boy fall from a crocodile-shaped bathing mattress. When it began to seem like the boy couldn’t get back on the mattress, Hetemaj’s mother reacted quickly and ran into the water. The mother of a boy under the age of 10 was also nearby.

- He noticed the situation, but it happened so quickly. My mother caught the son. However, they both went underwater, so I also went into the water myself. I reached the boy and lifted him above the surface.

Lake Kyrkösjärvi is deepening rapidly.

Photo: Timo Aalto

The mother of the boy, who was caught in the water, thanked the rescuers profusely, after which they left the beach. An eyewitness present confirmed to IS what had happened.

The lake deepens rapidly, as the feet of the almost 190-centimeter Hetemaj did not reach the bottom at the bathing mattress.

- I've watched Baywatch and similar television programs, and on their basis to save look easy. It was really hard, even though it was a boy under ten, Hetemaj says.

Hetemaj considers himself a moderate swimmer, but life-saving in the water has never been taught to him.

- I just lifted the boy to the surface with both hands and kicked his feet forward. I swam a few feet until I got my feet to the bottom. My technique wasn’t right because it felt too heavy.

- We often go swimming with the team right here. It wouldn’t be a bad thing to take swimming rescue courses, Hetemaj says.

SJK captain Mehmet Hetemaj and his son Lua play in the Seinäjoki football hall.

Photo: Timo Aalto