Chairperson Kim Jong-un's younger sister, Kim Yeo-jung, also spoke in a personal name. This is the third time, starting with the discourse that took place in March, when the Blue House was said to be poor. This time, the problem was caused by the private sector's application to the North Korean flyer, which drove the Korean government heavily.

On May 31st, North Korean defectors sent hundreds of thousands of flyers to North Korea, claiming that it is time to blame South Korean authorities for neglecting the'bad thing'. Kim Yo-jong Labor Party first deputy was "he did this pretending it than he that mischief, encourage group he is more push," said the North Shear spray if you leave in the name of "John freedom of expression, south Korea, South Authorities soon worst "You have to look into the phase of " ."

In terms of the worst phase, the possibilities are also illustrated. If the Korean government fails to take action, it warned that there may be measures such as'the abolition of the Geumgangsan tourism', the complete removal of the Gaeseong industrial zone, the closure of the inter-Korean joint office, and the destruction of the inter-Korean military alliance.

It also provided a way for our government to take action. "I made a law to stop the clown, and I had to make sure that I didn't have any unpleasant things in the first place ." The ruling party has become an overwhelming majority party, so it is either to create a law that prohibits private organizations from spreading leaflets to North Korea, or to mobilize public power to prevent the spread of leaflets.

● Is shear spraying a real problem?

Why is North Korea reacting sensitively to the spreading of flyers now? Of course, the North Korean flyers contain phrases aimed directly at Chairman Kim Jong-un, and these days, even one dollar bills are enclosed. It can act as a hazard to the system, such as reading an anti-North Korea flyer. It would be a concern for North Korea.

However, since the North Korean defector group recently switched to distributing leaflets, the number of conflicts with the government has been reduced and there has been no reaction from North Korea. In the past, North Korean defectors' organizations informed reporters in advance of their plans to spread flyers, and when this was controversial, the government mobilized police forces to create a conflict. This is because they have been spreading flyers by delivering the photos and videos they took to reporters.

The Freedom of North Korea movement, which mainly distributes flyers to North Korea, said it sent 10 flyers to the North in the past year alone, and sent them to North Korea three times by May 31 this year. It wasn't that much was released to the media, but she kept sending flyers.

If North Korea strongly objected to Kim Yeo-jung's name on the ongoing spread of leaflets, there must be some reason. The clue is also included in the discourse of Kim Yeo-jung. Kim Yeo-jeong insisted, "If South Korean (South Korean) officials truly value the North-South agreement and are willing to implement it thoroughly, it would be advisable to clean up and clean up all the dirt from my house before blowing out a strong response." .

● North Korea, The

government is once again committed to improving inter-Korean relations after the election of the "Responsibility lies in South Korea" with the victory of the ruling party, but North Korea has not responded because it did not respond. The Ministry of Unification is in a position to do what we can while waiting for North Korea's response, and the Minister of Unification is eagerly going to Panmunjom, Han River Estuary, and Daeseong-dong villages. Whether it's quarantine cooperation or anything, if North Korea responds, it can do anything.

However, what North Korea claims now is that the reason the inter-Korean relationship is not improving is not in North Korea, but in South Korea, so don't blame North Korea. Looking at North Korea's position through recent foreign propaganda media, North Korea insists that the reason the inter-Korean relationship cannot be improved is because of South Korea's pursuit of the United States and confrontation with its own people. In all cases, the US-approved approval and continued military buildup, such as the ROK-US military training and the introduction of the F-35A fighter jet, are the cause of the stalemate in inter-Korean relations. Today, the spraying of North Korea's leaflets, which Kim Yeo-jung has troubled, is just one addition to the above reasons.

Of course, it is not that North Korea's claim is correct. If North Korea insists, we should break the ROK-US alliance, not train in the US-ROK, or introduce any fighter jets, so we will have to be defenseless. North Korea also knows that South Korea does not accept North Korea's requirements. But why are you asking for this? In the end, it means that there is no idea of ​​improving inter-Korean relations at this point. There will be no North American talks until the US presidential election, and there is a limit to what South Korea can do under UN sanctions, so there is not much North Korea will benefit from improving relations with South Korea.

North Korea published Kim Yeo-jung's discourse in the labor newspaper. The fact that North Korea's criticism of North Korea is published in a labor newspaper that is visible to North Koreans has an aspect of educating the people that inter-Korean relations can become cold. On May 8, a discourse by the People's Armed Forces spokesman, "We should never forget that the enemy is also an enemy," was also published in the labor newspaper, suggesting that North Korea has entered an atmosphere to abandon the lingering relationship between the people and the people. There is. North Korea is expected to release the next number as it observes what our government is doing to North Korean flyers.

As soon as the discourse of Kim Yeo-jung came out, the government said, "Acts that cause danger to people's lives and property in the border area should be stopped." There is." A spokeswoman for the Ministry of Unification said it was in the process of preparing a law to regulate the spread of leaflets in North Korea. As North Korea strongly resists the North Korean flyer, it seems to mean that it will stop the spraying of the flyer and extinguish the fire.

However, as the root cause of North Korea's criticism of South Korea is not the only cause, it is doubtful whether such measures will change the situation. If we show that we are in a hurry that the other person is driving, the other person may continue to make other requests. It is necessary to see what the North Koreans are looking at from now on, and look at the situation in a larger and wider way, and to deal with it with a long breath.