China News Service, June 3, protests and riots caused by the death of American African-American men who were violently enforced by the police have continued in the United States for several days. US President Trump said on June 1 local time that the continuous riots were "domestic terrorism" and threatened that if the state government continues to be "weak," it will use the army to "solve the problem." Singapore’s “Lianhe Zaobao” 3rd article quoted political scholars as saying that Trump intended to pay more attention to warnings than to take action. The reason why he “fueled the fire” was because the more chaotic the situation, the more beneficial it was. He strives for re-election.

Data graph: US President Trump.

  The article quotes Adam Garfinkel, a visiting scholar specially appointed by the Rajangan South School of International Relations at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, as saying that Trump is like a "actual reality TV director" who tries to create a dramatic effect on all events and then from the conflict. "Capture" political capital.

  Garfinkel said that whether dealing with the epidemic, dealing with social turmoil or diplomatic disputes, Trump will only focus on his own political interests. He analyzed and pointed out that peaceful demonstrations can add points to the Democratic presidential candidate Biden, but violent conflict is beneficial to Trump, because the more chaotic the situation, the racial sentiment is provoked, and the higher the probability of votes flowing to Trump.

  "Fear is at work. The more chaos, the more room for white superiors to manipulate fear....Trump is a shrewd political operator. He knows that chaos is good for him, but he can't be too chaotic. Like boiling potatoes with boiling water, the water should not overflow the pan, but keep rolling."

From June 2 local time, the curfew time in New York, USA will be changed from 11pm to 8pm every day to 5am the next day, and the curfew will be extended to June 7th. The picture shows the New York police patrolling near the closed Times Square.

  Garfinkel said that the current situation reminded him of the 1968 US presidential election.

  At that time, the assassination of the Democratic presidential candidate Kennedy, the assassination of the leader of the Black People's Movement Martin Luther King, the ethnic riots across the country, and the demonstrations of anti-Vietnamese wars spread across the campuses of the university filled the American election atmosphere with violence. Nixon, a Republican, played the card "Law and Order" and was successfully elected.

  Garfinkel inferred that history might repeat itself. He said: "The anti-racist organization'ANTIFA' (ANTIFA) considers itself to be an anti-fascist, but in fact, they have become the promoter of Trump's successful re-election."

  According to "The Washington Post" and the latest poll released by the ABC on May 31, Trump is behind Biden by 10 percentage points, but Trump's basic market is much higher than Biden, and will definitely come out to vote. Among his supporters, Trump leads by 16 percentage points.

  For Trump's claim that he will use the army to enter the "clearance" of the states, Garfinkel does not think he will do so, because he cannot pass the governor's level and will face legal resistance.

  According to the Sheriff’s Mobilization Act passed by the United States in 1878, the military cannot be used for domestic law enforcement. But in extremely rare circumstances, the president can "federalize" the National Guard originally controlled by the state government and take over the National Guard.

  However, Garfinkel pointed out that the president must obtain the consent of the governor before he can "federalize" the National Guard. Otherwise, it will have to be decided by the court, and there will be some resistance in the process. Therefore, he does not believe that Trump will make this move.