US Protest Demonstration President “Don't give up hard-line measures” Democratic Party “Aoru divide” June 3 11:57

The protest demonstration that started after the death of a black man in the United States when he was suppressed by a white police officer continued all over the United States on the second day of the eighth day from the incident, but a large-scale collision and looting is this Not so far reported. President Trump is willing to give up hard-line measures to maintain security, but former Vice President Biden of the opposition and Democratic Party is accusing him of splitting.

Protest demonstrations continued on the second day, eight days after the incident, throughout New York, the capital city of Washington, and throughout the United States.

Of these, over 1,000 people gathered in Manhattan in the center of New York, repeating the word "I can not breathe" when a dead black man was pressed by a white police officer, Let's make it."

In protest demonstrations, night bans have been issued all over the United States due to daily casualties and casualties that resulted in collisions with police officers and mobs plundering stores.

So far, protest demonstrations on the 2nd have not reported large-scale clashes or looting. However, the locals have entered the night, and police etc. continue to be vigilant.

Regarding the protests, President Trump prepared to take strong measures to maintain public safety, and posted on Twitter on the 2nd, saying, "It was wonderful to restrain a large number of people. Emphasized the results of.

Meanwhile, former Vice President Biden, who is certain to be elected as a candidate for the opposition and Democratic Party in the presidential election in November, said in a speech on the 2nd, ``The president has to work on solving the problem, but the problem is exacerbated. I think the division will help me." He strongly criticized President Trump's stance, and there is a sharp rise in partisan confrontation over how to deal with the case.