“The court decided to select a preventive measure in the form of detention of Dobrinsky for a period of 30 days - until July 1,” the judge quoted Valentin Kamynin as saying to TASS.

According to Ukrainian lawyer Islyam Velilyaev, the defense intends to appeal.

The agency notes that Dobrinsky admitted that he voluntarily crossed the border and was intoxicated.

According to him, he is a serviceman of the 13th battalion of the 95th airborne assault brigade of the Armed forces of Ukraine.

He also said that he was on a three-month business trip on the border with the Crimea on the protection of the railway bridge and dam.

On June 2, the FSB reported the detention of a Ukrainian military in Crimea for illegally crossing the state border of Russia.

During the inspection, they found a substance, presumably a drug, which was sent for examination.

A criminal case has been opened on illegal crossing of the state border of Russia.