U.S. black man accused of four former police officers at the scene of death Local judicial authorities June 4, 8:39

Local law enforcement prosecuted four former police officers on the scene at the time of a black man's death when a white police officer squeezed his head, leading to widespread protest against black discrimination. Announced.

The case died on the 25th of November in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in the Midwest when a black man was detained by his knees when he was detained by a police officer, and the police dismissed four police officers on the scene. .

A white Caucasian policeman holding his man's neck with his knees has already been charged with murder, but on June 3 Minnesota law enforcement officials had already charged him with evidence of more serious crimes. In addition to the suspicion of "third-class murder," he also announced that he has also prosecuted for suspicion of "second-class murder", which is a heavy sentence.

In addition, three other former police officers on the scene also prosecuted for allegedly helping the murder.

Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison said, "We will seek justice for this case by all means based on the law. Prosecution of this case cannot heal the wounded hearts of many. But we must make steady efforts to regain people's trust."