“Well, he helped us with the oil industry, which is good for him too, and we raised it and now we can save millions of jobs in Texas, North Dakota and other places in Oklahoma ... They (oil prices) fell to zero, it would cost 5 million jobs, ”the US head answered the question of what Russian President Vladimir Putin did to gain confidence and return to G7.

Along with this, the American leader added that Russia's presence in this club is not related to what Putin has done.

“But in general it is not a question of what he did. This is a matter of common sense, ”RIA Novosti quotes the US president.

Trump also stressed that it is strange that Russia is not in the G7, but at the same time “half of the meetings are devoted to Russia.” In his opinion, the presence of the Russian side would greatly facilitate the solution of many problems.

Earlier, Trump had a telephone conversation with Putin. During the conversation, as stated in the Kremlin, the US president spoke about his idea of ​​holding the G7 summit with a possible invitation from the leaders of Russia, Australia, India and the Republic of Korea.