One thousand people joined during Wednesday's Black life matter manifestation at Sergel's square in Stockholm.

The demonstration had been granted permission for 50 people, but although the police saw it as likely that many more people would participate, they saw no reason to refuse the organizer's application.

- That is why we have had these resources during the day. We feared that many more would come, but what should we do about it? That is probably the question, says Mats Eriksson, press spokesman at the Stockholm Police.

"Must have confidence"

The organizer has been given clear instructions on the limits of a maximum of 50 people, according to Mats Eriksson. There are no grounds for refusing their application, he says.

- If we had rejected the application, the demonstration would probably have been carried out anyway. We must still have confidence in people who are seeking permits for public gatherings, ”says Mats Eriksson.

But the police's decision to allow the demonstration has generated reactions during Wednesday. Björn Olsen, professor of infectious diseases, tells Expressen that the organizers should not have received permission due to the coronal situation.

- I am deeply disturbed by that behavior. It's horrible and ignorant, he tells the newspaper.

Several incidents

Mats Eriksson does not agree. Regardless of the corona times or not, demonstrations must be held, he says.

- But then you have to follow the restrictions that exist for health reasons, he says.

During the evening, police called on participants to leave Sergel's square. When the protesters did not heed the calls, the police dissolved the crowd. In connection with that and later in the evening, several incidents have occurred.

- We have worked according to the methods we believe in, to de-scale and not be confrontational. I think that we have succeeded to a great extent.