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June 03, 2020 The discussion in the Chamber in the Chamber on the School decree ended with the question of trust by the government. The vote will begin tomorrow at 16.15.

It was the Minister for Relations with Parliament, Federico D'Incà , who raised the question of trust.

The decree n.22 of 8 April 2020, already approved and modified in the Senate, should be converted into law by next 7 June: it concerns the school world in the coronavirus emergency, that is, in addition to the conclusion of the current school year, also the start of the next, the precarious teachers and the extraordinary competition. On the latter point, the strongest criticisms of Azzolina from the opposition and the unions that announced a strike.

After the intervention of Minister D'Incà, he took the floor to protest Simone Baldelli, from Fi: "With this there are 18 trusts in 9 months, and perhaps another one will be placed in the Senate today: you are in a spectacular average and I have the impression that in June the average will increase ".

Confidence was placed immediately after the House had rejected the questions referred by the center-right with 146 votes in favor and 267 against. The opposition also protested about the absence of Education Minister Lucia Azzolina during the discussion.

The absence was bitterly condemned by the deputy of Fdi Paola Frassinetti, vice-president of the Culture Committee of the Chamber and responsible for Education and Ella Bucalo, deputy responsible with delegation to the school:

“At the beginning of the examination of the decree on the school we would have expected the presence of Minister Azzolina in the Chamber in the Chamber and instead we note that the Minister of Education is punctual in making announcements on Facebook but disdains the confrontation in parliament. " During the discussion of the preliminary rulings,

the deputy Matilde Siracusano said from the benches of Forza Italia : “this decree has numerous findings of unconstitutionality, according to Forza Italia the measure must not be converted into law. The right to education was severely compressed during the lockdown. And you did it, Minister Azzolina, unilaterally, with the Dpcm and ministerial ordinances, putting democracy and the Chambers in the attic. " “The ministerial orders were issued before May 18 - the last date that had been indicated as a watershed for a definitive decision on the possible reopening of the schools or not - without any comparison with Parliament.

Distance learning has left many, too young, on the street: second-class students and second-class students have been created. The government has entered the Community with certain prerogatives, such as decisions on the school year calendar. : this risks an institutional short circuit, caused by Palazzo Chigi. The government has completely abandoned the peer schools, condemning many realities to closure and denying the freedom of educational choice to so many families, "concluded Siracusano.

" I expect you to speed up the school, the great absent in recent months and the school. All of Europe has already reopened. We are surrounded by countries with children in the classroom, "said  Matteo Salvini guest of 'La vita in direct' on Raiuno.

But from the Ministry of Viale Trastevere they assure:" Controversy without foundation. The minister will be in the Chamber for the preliminary rulings of constitutionality, as already foreseen ", sources from the Ministry of Education let us know, adding:" In the work of this morning the government was still present, the vice minister Ascani participated ". 

Meanwhile, Azzolina he has convened a table on the School for tomorrow which will also be attended by Prime Minister Conte.