Second supplementary budget plan Opposition “Reserve cost of 10 trillion yen should be reduced” 12:19 on June 3

Regarding the second supplementary budget for the current fiscal year, the opposition side said that it is unacceptable that reserve costs that have not been decided in advance account for nearly one-third of total expenditures You will be asked to reduce the amount.

The chairmen of the National Assembly, the Democratic Party, the National Democratic Party, the Communist Party, and the opposition parties of the Social Democratic Party, the four party opposition parties, discussed the response to the second supplementary budget bill for this year, which will be submitted to the Diet next week.

As a result, in the supplementary budget plan, reserve costs that have not been decided in advance are 10 trillion yen, which accounts for almost one-third of the total expenditure and are unacceptable. We agreed on the policy of seeking.

In addition, since the government is required to hear explanations from the government regarding the outsourcing of "sustaining benefits" and the issue of the former Attorney General Kurokawa of the Tokyo High Public Prosecutor's Office, we will continue to request that the Budget Committee conduct intensive deliberation. I also confirmed.

The chairman of the Constitutional Democratic Party's Azumi Diet measure told reporters, "It is a suicide act of the parliament that allows you to use the reserve fund of 10 trillion yen freely. If the prime minister decides anything, democracy It is not a principled state."

Kimiaki Yamaguchi "Emergency response is important"

At the General Assembly of the House of Councilors, the Komeito representative said, “We must refrain from over-preparing reserves, but we will use reserves to respond to emergencies, and if there is not enough, we will use the next supplementary budget. Replenishment and preparation are important from the perspective of protecting the people. In some cases, it is imperative to call the Diet to prepare the next supplementary budget."