Spanish porn actor Nacho Vidal (left) alongside Rocco Siffredi in 2013. - REX / Steve Black / REX / SIPA

Nacho Vidal, Spanish porn star, arrested for the death of a man poisoned by toad venom. The information is indeed true, the Guardia civil is not known for its humor. The actor was arrested in the Valencia region of Spain last week in connection with the death of a man in July 2019, which the local press identifies as the fashion photographer Jose Luis Abad.

During an allegedly therapeutic ritual, the victim died after inhaling venom from Bufo Alvarius , a rare species of toad native to the Mexican desert of Sonora, which has powerful psychedelic effects. His death was initially attributed to a heart attack, but police opened an investigation that led to the arrest on Tuesday of Nacho Vidal, a family member and an employee, suspected of manslaughter.

Rituals presenting "serious health risks"

According to the Civil Guard press release, Nacho Vidal regularly organized these rituals of which he praised the therapeutic virtues. But these "seemingly harmless rituals" presented "serious health risks", attracting people "easily influenced, vulnerable or seeking help for an illness or addiction through alternative methods".

This toad venom contains a powerful psychotropic drug called 5-MeO-DMT whose effects have been compared to ayahuasca, a very hallucinogenic concoction from the Amazon and consumed during shamanic rituals.


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