China News Agency, Moscow, June 3, according to Russian President News Network, Russian President Putin held a video conference on the 3rd in the Norilsk diesel leak in Krasnoyarsk Krai. Putin agreed with the Minister of Emergency Situations Zinichev and announced the launch of a federal state of emergency.

Data map: Russian President Putin.

  According to Russian media sources such as TASS and Interfax, on May 29, a large oil tank at Norilsk No. 3 Thermal Power Station ruptured, resulting in the leakage of 21,000 tons of stored diesel. The leaked diesel caused about 100,000 square meters of pollution. In addition, diesel fuel also leaked into two local rivers. According to network photos, some sections of the river have been dyed maroon. According to data from the Russian Natural Environment Supervision Department, the concentration of pollutants in the water exceeds tens of thousands of times the maximum allowable value.

  Zinychev said at the meeting that, according to preliminary information, the accident was because the support pile of the oil tank suddenly collapsed, causing the oil tank to rupture. Rescue personnel have carried oil barriers (aerated floating objects that prevent oil from spreading on the water surface) and adsorbents to the scene. On the 4th, 100 people will also go to the local emergency rescue.

  Zinichev said that two days after the accident, the Ministry of Emergency Affairs was informed of the incident. Because the companies involved in the thermal power plant tried to solve the problem with their own power. However, the person in charge of the company said at the meeting that relevant information has been reported in time after the accident.

  Putin asked relevant agencies to investigate the ways of reporting information after the incident and the measures taken by all parties. At the same time, he emphasized the need to organize work as soon as possible to reduce the negative impact on the environment. (Finish)