New recruits fought in the Northwest Desert after 00

Loading ammunition.

The artillery came out of the bore.

  Fire suppression. This picture is by Xiao Yanfei Liu Bingbing / photo

  In the northern part of Midsummer, the weather was full of sand, and a military train full of combatants and weapons departed from the hinterland of the Central Plains. After three days and two nights of maneuvering, it slowly drove into a military station.

  The vast Gobi outside the car window was extremely desolate. The airborne soldiers of the second battalion of the second battalion of the air battalion, after the 00, were very excited. Guo Yang was excited. Combat units such as fire attack groups, comprehensive support groups, and air defense units quickly started the first "battle" in the military career on the Gobi Desert.

  "Encounter'enemy' attack!" The train stopped, and the "enemy" sentiment followed. Guo Yang and his comrades packed up their weapons and got out of the bus quickly and unhurriedly.

  "Evacuation and concealment!" As soon as his feet landed, the squad leader sent a password. Guo Yang had no time to consider, and he found a favorable position to conceal. "Where is the'enemy'?" Guo Yang lying in the depression was a little puzzled, but "fighting" had already begun.

  The drone quickly lifted off, and the reconnaissance unit quickly went out... In front, the reconnaissance unit has launched operations to carry out battlefield reconnaissance.

  "Coordinates ×××, request for firepower coverage!" After a while, the communication station sent back reconnaissance information, and the scouts outgoing detected the location of the "enemy attack" and called for rear fire support. After receiving reconnaissance intelligence, the fire brigade quickly cleared the target.

  The "enemy" of the harassment was successfully "eliminated", Guo Yang was about to get up, but there was a tingling pain on his thigh. It turned out that he didn't notice that he was lying directly on a camel thorn during concealment, and his right thigh was covered with a thorn head. The tense "battle" atmosphere made him forget the pain for a while, and he only reacted after the "battle" ended.

  "Hurry up and leave!" The stab in the leg had not finished, and the squad leader in front shouted to Guo Yang. Unable to take care of that much, he quickly followed the troops and moved towards the intended combat area 30 kilometers away.

  The Gobi beach, which has been baptized by wind and sand, has loose soil and uneven ground. The troops marched on foot and faced many tests. Guo Yang, as an anti-tank rocket ammunition player, carried more than 10 kilograms of ammunition. Although he staggered on the road, the speed No reduction.

  "The advance team lost contact!" The troops encountered "special circumstances" again after more than an hour of marching. The advance team is the "leader" of the entire team. At this time, the "lost contact" and the large force lost "navigation" on the vast Gobi Desert, which also means that there may be an unknown "enemy" ahead.

  Suddenly, the new soldiers tightened their nerves, and the exhaustion of the anxious march disappeared without a trace. Guo Yang, who was carrying ammunition, tightened the straps on his shoulders with both hands and was ready for "combat."

  Fight or not? Commander Zhen Shoukuan decided to use the advantages of large sandstorm and low visibility to change the marching plan according to the situation. "The enemy's situation ahead is unknown, and the battle cannot be hurriedly organized. It must be detached as soon as possible!" Zhen Shoukuan re-dispatched a small unit to investigate the route, and the large troops continued to advance in a secret manner, bypassing the area ahead. Air raids, artillery blockades, biochemical raids... The "special circumstances" on the march continued, and Guo Yang and his comrades flexibly handled them one by one according to the situation.

  After a few hours of marching, the troops finally reached the target area smoothly, and the "fight" was about to start. Guo Yang and his comrades rubbed their hands one after another. According to the reconnaissance situation, the brigades of the brigade quickly launched their operations in multiple ways.

  "Strike against the "enemy" armored target!" Guo Yang followed the combat team and quickly occupied the shooting position. "1000 meters away, one shot to load!" The commander issued the shooting parameters, and Guo Yang took out a shell cleanly and put it on the launch tube.

  "The first shot is finished!" "Fire!" Suddenly, thick smoke billowed from the position and the shells whistled towards the target. "The target is extinguished!" Guo Yang's ears buzzed with buzz as he felt the power of the shells for the first time.

  At the howitzer position on the other side of the battlefield, Liu Yang, a recruit after the same 00, was given the task of launching a shell. "All launchers are ready!" Liu Yang held his breath in his hand, and he waited for instructions. "Release!" With the command of the gunner, Liu Yang pulled down the breech violently, and the artillery roared and pushed the shell out of the barrel. The sound of the gun shook the sky.

  For the first time, Liu Yang, who was firing live ammunition from a howitzer, was a little stunned by the sound of a huge shell fire. With excessive force, he accidentally fell on a big horse.

  "The target has been destroyed!" The attack report from the front command post heard that Liu Yang showed a simple smile when he heard the target hit accurately.

  At this time, various artillery units such as rocket artillery and mortars took turns in battle to launch the first round of fire strikes against the "enemy". With the support of rear fire coverage, professional teams such as engineers and chemical defenses quickly moved forward to open up passages and implement smoke screens, and then the rocket artillery once again covered the frontal positions of the "enemy" with firepower. The remaining forces of the position launched a general attack, and the troops successfully captured the main points and turned to position defense.

  In more than 10 hours of battle, more than 500 recruits participated in the whole situation handling under the leadership of veterans, and completed many tasks such as rapid maneuvering, key control points, fire resistance, clearing the enemy, mobile defense, and guarding positions.

  Surrounded by the artillery field, Liu Yang said frankly: "The hard environment and the really explosive scenes made me really feel the atmosphere of the battlefield. In the next field base training, I will train hard to fill in the battle. The shortcomings exposed, strive for an early pass to the battlefield."

  Chen Ruipeng, chief of staff of a brigade of the airborne troops, said: "The new soldiers are put into the combat sequence for real combat training, so that they can master the hard combat skills as soon as possible, and they can win the initiative and defeat the strong enemy on the battlefield."

  Xiao Yanfei Source: China Youth Daily