The porn actor Nacho Vidal was arrested last Friday for the death of the Valencian photographer José Luis Abad, according to Levante. He is accused, along with two other people, of a reckless homicide during the celebration of a mystical ritual based on the inhalation of poison toad fumes that occurred in July 2019 in the Valencian town of Enguera, according to sources from the Armed Institute and sources close to the case have confirmed. The three detainees have been provisionally released.

The Xàtiva Judicial Police Team started this operation after the photographer's death during the celebration of a mystical ritual based on inhaling the fumes of the poison toad bufo alvarius .

With the completion of the investigation carried out over 11 months, it has been possible to verify the existence of a crime of reckless homicide and a crime against public health , allegedly committed by those who organized and directed the ritual.

It has also been shown that this was a habitual activity for therapeutic or medicinal purposes that in itself posed a serious risk to public health, but that it was masked by what seemed to be an apparently harmless ancestral ritual that captured strongly suggested people, under the special state of vulnerability or need to heal certain ailments or addictions, using alternative methods, as explained by the same sources.

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