Former lawmaker Geum Tae-seop, who was disciplined for throwing a abstaining vote at a plenary session without following the Democratic Party's argument to approve the law of establishing airborne services, has filed for a reconsideration. Chairman Lee Hae-chan stepped up to refrain from raising controversy, but Kim Hae-young, who was in the same position, rebelled against the Constitution.

This is reporter Jeong Hyun Jeong.


Lee Hae-chan, the Democratic Party leader, was reportedly in a closed leadership meeting saying, "Don't raise more controversy."

However, Kim Hae-young, the highest-ranking member of the Shinshin Committee, criticized Lee's disciplinary conflict with the constitution that ensured conscience's performance.

[Kim Hae-young/Independence Democratic Party Supreme Committee member: Gold (Tae-seop) I would like to ask for a deep constitutional deliberation in the decision of the former member of Congress.

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Park, Yong - Jin Senator" force The controversy has grown even more, criticizing the party as unfair discipline, saying that it is not a provision stipulated in the party constitution and party regulations.

"I was responsible for optimism, but even a political deputy," Han Jung-jin said, "this is the party's message to the first legislators."

Former Rep. Geum Tae-seop applied for reconsideration to cancel disciplinary action for five reasons, including the fact that the Democratic Party had never been disciplined for voting differently from the party and that it did not fit into the Constitution and the National Assembly.