Clothilde Ollier, Mohed Altrad and Alenka Doulain - N. Bonzom / Maxele Presse

An activist of the CGT and a business leader with a colossal fortune, the alliance is surprising, in Montpellier (Hérault). While we were waiting for Clothilde Ollier (ecologist) and Alenka Doulain (We are) to the left of the political spectrum, here they are on Tuesday afternoon signed a pact with the billionaire, boss of the MHR, whose "heart and action ”(its slogan) lean to the right.

This Wednesday, at a press conference, the two unsuccessful candidates in the first round of the municipal elections, and Mohed Altrad (various), who rose in the second round, tried to justify their improbable team for the election of the June 28.

"There are differences, but ..."

"I hear that this alliance can be surprising," said Clothilde Ollier. Six months ago, it would even have been impossible. These are the few months that we have just lived that have allowed us all to become aware of the emergency. We understood that we were not ready. Do we each stay in our chapels, or do we say to ourselves that faced with the crisis, we are going beyond? There are differences. But we managed to get around a table, and together build an ambitious plan for the city (…) Yes, we don't do what everyone expected. "

"What we are proposing is a great alliance of citizens who want the city to change," notes Alenka Doulain. It is an alliance of skills. "

Clothilde Ollier, Mohed Altrad and Alenka Doulain - N. Bonzom / Maxele Presse

"There is a boss"

An alliance with a chef, all the same. And the chief is Mohed Altrad, he said himself. "There is a boss, respected by others," explains the business manager. He is respected, because they respect them (…) I am someone who seeks to bring people together. Through [this alliance], we cover all the sensitivities of Montpellier society. "

And the boss will not compromise, for now, on his desire to be both mayor of Montpellier and president of the metropolis. A model that Clothilde Ollier and Alenka Doulain did not defend during the campaign. But on the other hand, the boss of the MHR does not exclude if he is elected, during the mandate, to hand over to "the new generation", he explains. Without specifying when (2021?) Or who (Alenka Doulain?).

Rémi Gaillard, the great absent

What if their funny alliance exploded in flight, during the mandate? "It won't explode, because we have the same project, and there is a chef," replies Mohed Altrad. Afterwards, there may be disagreements… But we feel so strong to overcome these disagreements, there are no conflicts of interest between us. "

Results of the municipal elections in Montpellier 

There was a big absent this Wednesday morning: Rémi Gaillard. The third face of the triumvirate of those disappointed in the first round was not present at the press conference. "But he's completely behind us," promised Mohed Altrad.

Joined by 20 Minutes this Wednesday afternoon, Rémi Gaillard, who is not on the list but also sealed the alliance with the president of the MHR, corrects: "It's more than that, it's that I am completely before them, even ", cowardly, enigmatic, the former candidate of the Yes we clown list. “I hear everywhere that Mohed Altrad says he's the boss. No, no, the boss, it's me! », Notes Rémi Gaillard, who assures him that he is far from having finished his lap. “There are still surprises coming! The incredible campaign in Montpellier may not yet be entirely over.

Hello @MLMontpellier,
Watch out for fake news. The boss is me.
At your service # YesWeClown #ElProfesor 🤡

- Rémi Gaillard (@nqtv) June 3, 2020


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