Black heroes played a major role in putting the United States at the top of the pyramid in some sports, and exporting Olympic Games, and some of them became legends, not only at the American level, but also the world.

It is difficult to put the names of the champions and sports stars who won the championships and gold medals, and raised the American flag on the world championship platforms and Olympics, in which blacks played a major role in crowning the United States with its title throughout the Olympic history.

We will limit ourselves to reviewing a group of the most prominent models in some of the world-renowned sports. At the top of the list is boxing legend Muhammad Ali Clay, who has risen to the throne of heavyweight since 1964 until 1980, and is classified as the greatest athlete in history, not only with his sporting achievements but also with his human stances. As one of the most prominent anti-racism fighters in the world.

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Floyd Mayweather is another legend in boxing, where he was not defeated for 50 episodes until he retired, crowned the World Championship seven times in five different weights, and some polls ranked him as the greatest boxer in history.

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The black stars were made by the American basketball legend, beginning with legend Karim Abdel Jabbar. The world will not forget the stars of the American Dream Team, all of whom are legends of the game, including Michael Jordan, who is the greatest basketball player ever, and Magic Johnson. The banner also carried other legends, including the late Kobe Bryant and contemporary legend LeBron James.

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The Tiger Woods is one of the most prominent golf stars in the world, and his sporting superiority made him reap a tremendous fortune that made him, along with his citizens, Michael Jordan and Mayweather own a fortune that exceeded a billion dollars, to be alone in the billion club amongst the sports stars.

As for the American athletics, there was nothing wrong with its black champions, most notably Carl Lewis, who is ranked among the greatest athletes in the world, where he was crowned nine Olympic gold medals in the 100, 200 and 4 x 400 meters relays, in addition to the long jump, and he won the world championship nine times .

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And do not forget about the tennis, in which the two sisters Serena and Venus Williams have dominated the major championships over the past decade, and the banner was received by the rising champion Coco Joff, who won last year only a professional championship and is 15 years old, and is considered to be a tennis legend.

In order to know the importance of the role of these heroes in American sports, we can imagine the US ranking without them and other black heroes in the Olympic and world championships.