Mohed Altrad during the announcement of his candidacy for mayor of Montpellier - N. Bonzom / Maxele Presse

  • There will be a triangular in Montpellier in the second round. The outgoing mayor Philippe Saurel (DVG) will be opposed to the socialist Michaël Delafosse who has merged his list with EELV and Mohed Altrad, at the head of a heterogeneous list.
  • The businessman, 31st French fortune, attempted a poker move by allying himself with three very marked lists on the left, supported in the first round by La France rebellious in particular. Former running mongers from Jean-Luc Mélenchon's movement immediately condemned this agreement.
  • This improbable alliance is the last drama in a completely crazy campaign in the seventh city of France.

The negotiations between the two towers led to the most improbable of alliances in Montpellier. France's 31st professional fortune (according to Challenges magazine ), Mohed Altrad (DIV), has merged its list with that of the “citizen movement” Nous Sommes - supported in the first round by rebellious France (LFI). But also with that of the ecologist Clothilde Ollier, trade unionist CGT and support of the "yellow vests", on which appeared (also) many activists of La France insoumise. And finally that of the “anti-system” candidates on the Rémi Gaillard list. Which validated this association, without appearing personally on the list filed in the prefecture on Tuesday.

“We found on Mohed Altrad's side an attentive ear to our measures and a grateful look towards our democratic representativeness. All the points of our platform have been accepted ”, explains Alenka Doulain (self-proclaiming in passing“ the fantastic four ”), propelled number two on the list. In total, Mohed Altrad offered 23 of the 65 places to its new running mate. The response of social networks oscillates between surprise, disillusionment and anger. Several Internet users have notably found unwelcome messages from the Nous Sommes movement, where Alenka Doulain came from, towards Mohed Altrad.

Support displayed, departure by slamming the door, return as running mate

By adding their votes in the first round, Altrad, Doulain, Gaillard, Ollier weigh 40% of the votes cast. Third (13.30%), the entrepreneur who had tried to obtain (in vain) the support of LREM, is trying a daring gamble. He will have to be persuasive to explain how such diverse (or even opposing) personalities can have a common vision.

Behind the pretty cover, there are darker pages. Thank you @ LedOc34 for this informative article. Manage the city like your business, really? #NousSommes #Montpellier

- We Are Montpellier (@NousSommesMtp) March 11, 2020

The co-president of the Left Radicals - LRDG, Virginie Rozière realizes a change of support that would not be denied by the rugby players of the MHR, club of which the businessman is president. On September 17, the former MEP featured prominently with Mohed Altrad at the announcement of his candidacy. Before denouncing two months later his "double speech" and "political calculations" and leaving him for Clothilde Ollier (who was still the head of the EELV list). To finally reappear in 19th position on his list during this second round.

A completely crazy municipal campaign in Montpellier

It is the last (the last?) Drama of a crazy campaign in the seventh city of France. Brief reminder: the mayor Philippe Saurel (DVG) did not campaign before the first round, announcing at the last moment his candidacy after his recovery linked to a knee operation. To finally fall slightly in the lead (19.11%) on March 15. The activists of La France insoumise tore themselves into two lists. EELV disavowed the candidate (Ollier) whom he had invested while she was leading the polls. Fourteen lists were presented, the record in metropolitan cities with more than 100,000 inhabitants. One of which obtained fewer votes (64)… than people on the list (65). And finally, neither LFI (in a city where Jean-Luc Mélenchon had reached 33% in the first round of the presidential elections), nor the environmentalists (scattered in three lists) have qualified ... All against a background of legal attacks.

The fantastic four are born!

Today we have made an important choice for our city. After almost a week of discussions, we came to the conclusion that it was not possible to change the city with the parties.


- Alenka Doulain (@AlenkaDoulain) June 2, 2020

The rebellious France immediately distanced itself from this heterogeneous team. "We denounce this agreement, it cannot be made in our name, it betrays our values", rebel 42 running mates from Clothilde Ollier, including the deputy LFI Muriel Ressiguier. "It is not possible to support a candidate who has never condemned Emmanuel Macron's policy," specifies Paul Vannier, in charge of the municipal steering committee. This list does not have the backing of rebellious France ”.

Before turning to Mohed Altrad, the trio had tried to negotiate with the PS

Before linking its destiny to those of Mohed Altrad, the Doulain-Gaillard-Ollier triumvirate had negotiated to integrate the union list of the left of socialist Michaël Delafosse (16.66% in the first round). Which ended up sending them a dismissal. “I was surprised that we could chat with us, as much as with others like Mohed Altrad. It is clear that there was rather a logic of overbidding than of project. You have to be sincere when you do things. "

His union list from the left was opened to the Greens. Coralie Mantion (head of EELV list in the first round) will be number two. The 64 running mate of Philippe Saurel, for his part, are strictly similar to those of the first round.


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