Hong Kong Secretary-General talks with an executive of the Chinese government to help develop national security legislation 19:58, June 3

The Hong Kong government's top secretary of administration, Mr. Yuan Lin, in Beijing, met with Chinese government executives in Beijing on the 3rd, and said that he would cooperate fully with the development of a "national security legislation" to counter anti-governmental movements in Hong Kong. .

Hong Kong Secretary-General Lin Zheng Yi visited Beijing with the top executives of the judicial and police departments of the Hong Kong government on the 3rd, and had a talk for about three hours with Deputy Prime Minister Han Zheng, who is in charge of the Hong Kong affairs of the Chinese government.

Last week's talks were held to hear the views of the Hong Kong government from the “national security legislation” that was introduced by the National People's Congress of the People's Republic of China. , He said he would cooperate fully with the Chinese government's policy of developing national security legislation.

Regarding the "national security legislation", in the future, the NPC standing committee, which is a permanent organization for all NPCs, will enact laws including the punishment of acts that cause serious harm to national security, and if necessary, , China's security department will set up a branch office in Hong Kong to carry out its activities.

However, in Hong Kong, control is being strengthened by the Chinese government, and there is widespread reaction that the “one-country-two system” that recognizes a high degree of autonomy may collapse.