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Bitcoin, Dash, Ethereum… Difficult to navigate in the world of cryptocurrencies. For nearly three years, from January 2016 to the end of 2018, a 31-year-old Toulousain now offered to friends and acquaintances to invest in virtual currencies. In the end: a scam that trapped six people for an overall loss of 35,000 euros.

Following an investigation by the Brigade for the Suppression of Clever Delinquency (BRDA), which interviewed him several times, the 30-year-old already known to the police finally admitted the facts on Friday.

He collected the money of his victims instead of investing it

The process was always the same: the man recovered the money (very real) from his victims, in cash or in transfers. Then he passed out in nature. Instead of being invested as promised in digital currencies, the sums gleaned were used for personal purposes.

The pseudo-trader will be tried in October in Toulouse as part of an appearance on prior recognition of guilt, a procedure better known as the guilty plea.


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