(Fighting against New Coronary Pneumonia) French deaths rose to 29,021 cases and the French-Italian border closed for 3 months and reopened

  China News Agency, Paris, June 3 (Reporter Li Yang) On the 3rd local time, the cumulative deaths of French new coronary pneumonia rose to 29,021 cases. The French-Italian border was reopened on the 3rd after being closed for 3 months.

  According to the epidemic data released on the evening of the 3rd by the French Ministry of Health, 81 new deaths were reported in France that day, and the cumulative deaths exceeded 29,000 and rose to 29,021. The number of inpatients in France dropped to 13,514, of which the critically ill patients fell to 1,210.

  France’s new coronary pneumonia deaths currently rank fifth in the world, after the United States, the United Kingdom, Italy and Brazil. The number of deaths in Spain once surpassed that of France, and currently there are 27,128 deaths, with only one new death on the 3rd.

  The border between France and Italy was reopened on the 3rd after being closed for 3 months. The French do not need to have a special reason to enter Italy, but they need to wear masks; while the Italians still have to face regulatory measures to enter France. On the 3rd, the French police carefully checked the relevant documents of people who entered France from Italy, and the border road from Italy to France was congested.

  French media quoted police sources as saying that Italian employees need to present an employer certificate at the French-Italian border when they enter France to work. If a Romanian worker travels from Italy to France to work in Spain, he must present the employer certificate and Spanish residence certificate at the French-Italian border.

  Italy began to open its borders to the EU Schengen countries and the UK from the 3rd. Many Frenchmen crossed the French-Italian border that day and went to the Italian border area to buy cigarettes because the price of cigarettes there is cheaper than in France.

  The French province of Alpes-Maritimes, which is close to the French-Italian border, said it will pay attention to the problem of cracking down on illegal immigration and health and safety issues caused by the epidemic caused by the reopening of the border, and will facilitate the passage of French people across the border.

  Italy was once the country with the worst European new pneumonia outbreak, and it eased after May. The number of deaths in Italy on the 3rd was 33,601. (Finish)