China News Agency, New York, June 3: It has been 10 days since the unfortunate death of George Freud. Demonstrations across the United States are continuing, but violence in many cities has decreased significantly.

  New York City starts from the evening of the 2nd, and the curfew start time is advanced to 8 pm. New York local media PIX11 reported that although there were still many demonstrators violating the curfew on the evening of the 2nd, robbery and vandalism were greatly reduced compared to the previous two days. According to police sources, a total of about 280 people were arrested that night for violating the curfew and clashing with the police. The number was significantly less than the previous two days. However, there are still sporadic robbery and destruction in Chelsea, Manhattan. New York State Governor Andrew Como once again urged demonstrators to abide by the curfew to support the police in bringing the violent elements who committed destruction and robbery to justice. He also appreciated the vast majority of people who insisted on peaceful demonstrations.

  The CBS said that the situation in Philadelphia, which has been deeply troubled by violence for the past few days, has also improved markedly. The demonstrations on the 2nd and 3rd were generally peaceful. However, there were still violent incidents on the evening of the 2nd. More than 50 ATMs were damaged in the city. Some people even tried to blow up the ATMs in the gas station with explosives, which brought great security risks.

  The New York Times said that the situation of severely violent cities such as Chicago, Los Angeles and Portland has changed significantly, and large-scale violence and robbery have basically disappeared. The mayor of Los Angeles also participated in a demonstration rally that day. Demonstrators in Atlanta and Charlotte, North Carolina, clashed with the police on the evening of the 2nd. The police used tear gas, shock bombs, pepper spray and other weapons to disperse the crowd. According to statistics from CNN, from May 26 to June 3, at least more than 9,800 people were arrested in demonstrations across the country.

  Drake Showan, a former policeman in Minneapolis, who was suspected of improper law enforcement behavior and caused Freud’s death, has been charged. According to CNN reports, the Minnesota prosecutor on the 3rd raised the charge of prosecuting Xiao Wan to second-degree murder. The previous charges were third-degree murder and second-degree negligent murder. The other three former policemen were also charged with the charges of assisting, conniving at second-degree murder and assisting, conniving at second-degree negligent homicide.

  The New York Times stated that a Minneapolis city statistic shows that police in the city use violence to enforce blacks seven times more than whites, ranging from kicks and throat locks to batons and stun guns. Faced with serious racial inequalities, the Mayor of Minneapolis admitted that a thorough reform was necessary to remove "intentionally and institutionalized" racism. (Finish)