10 trillion yen in usage pending 2nd supplementary budget proposal Opposition “no need to add” June 3, 19:07

Regarding the contingency of the second supplementary budget for this year, the opposition party criticized that there is no need to increase the amount even if it does not execute all the contingency of the first supplementary budget. It was one after another.

Regarding the second supplementary budget proposal for this year, which was affected by the spread of the new coronavirus, the reserve cost that has not been decided in advance is 10 trillion yen, which accounts for nearly one-third of all expenditures. Opposition parties such as the Democratic Party conducted hearings from the Ministry of Finance and others.

Among them, the Ministry of Finance, among the 1.5 trillion yen of the contingency of the first supplementary budget established in April, so far, to support the students who are in need, distribute masks to medical institutions, etc. I explained that I executed 237 billion yen.

Members of the Diet repeatedly criticized, saying, "It is not necessary to accumulate 10 trillion yen while the reserve fund of the first supplementary budget is not exhausted."

In response, the Ministry of Finance replied, "Once the infection has subsided, there is a risk of re-emergence, which may require a large-scale response."