Tiananmen Democratic Demonstration in China celebrates its 31st anniversary today (4th). Tiananmen Square has a more strict border on the same day today. On the other hand, in Hong Kong, where annual memorial service was held, police are not allowed to rally this year.

Correspondent Song Wook delivered news from Beijing.


On June 4, 1989, in Beijing, Tiananmen Square, the Chinese government bloody suppressed college students and citizens who demanded democratization.

[Deng Xiaoping/Former Chinese leader: No doubt they tried to overthrow the Communist Party and socialism.]

Tiananmen Square, which celebrated its 31st anniversary, had strong boundaries and limited coverage of foreign media.

The Chinese government tries to eradicate the Tiananmen case under strict control, but Hong Kong has held a rally for victims every year since 1990.

However, the Hong Kong police for the first time in 30 years have denied memoranda today.

Corona 19 was raised on the grounds of concern for the spread, but some analysts say it is a measure aimed at preventing the anti-Chinese sentiment from escaping into groups as Hong Kong's National Security Law is enacted.

The organizers rebelled and said they would hold the assembly in a variety of ways.

We decided to hold an online memorial meeting and hold a candle-lighting campaign all over the city at 8 PM.

Amid rising tensions in Hong Kong, the Chinese government is speeding up the enactment of Hong Kong security laws.

After passing the draft security law, yesterday, only five days later, Hong Kong's Secretary of State Carrie Lam invited Beijing to listen to the comments.

Some observers say the security law will be enforced in August to win the pro-China side in the September Hong Kong Legislative Assembly elections.