Law enforcers are checking how a large family, from which four children were seized on May 25, bought a dilapidated house at the expense of maternity capital. This was reported by RT in the prosecutor's office of the Dombarovsky district. 

“To date, it has been established that a one-story house was acquired by the family in 2017 at the expense of maternity capital. Before that, no one lived in the house for more than six years. The cost of housing in 450 thousand rubles, taking into account the fact that it required repair and maintenance, according to preliminary data, was overstated, ”Pavel Kucheryavenko, prosecutor of the Dombarovsky district, told RT.

He noted that now a check has been organized on the fact of possible fraudulent actions when using maternity capital funds associated with the acquisition of a house.

Also, the prosecutor's office spoke about the lifestyle of the family. During the checks, it turned out that the main income of the parents was child benefits.

“My mother was on a long maternity leave, my father did not actually work. The family led a secretive lifestyle; children were not allowed to go outside. The children's health status and the conditions in which they were brought up caused concern among physicians who patronized minors under one year of age. This was one of the grounds for the removal of minors, ”the prosecutor explained.

Now, according to him, a criminal case has been instituted against the employees of the guardianship authorities, who were supposed to observe the family, under Part 1 of Art. 293 of the Criminal Code (“Negligence”).

“The progress of the investigation of the case is controlled by the district prosecutor's office,” Pavel Kucheryavenko, prosecutor of the Dombarovsky district, told RT.  

Law enforcement authorities also check on the fact of possible abuse of power by the police, namely the use of force and imprisonment of the mother in handcuffs.

Removal of children

Earlier, RT talked about the removal of four children from the family of 26-year-old Alyona Lichtenwald and her 32-year-old husband, Nikolai Samoroka. The couple managed to record a video of the visit of police and guardianship officers. The footage shows how people in uniform are tearing a crying child out of the hands of their mother with the words: “give it back”, and handcuffs are put on the woman herself.

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Currently, children are in the Orsk Specialized Orphanage. The fifth oldest child - a six-year-old daughter - is with her grandmother in Orsk. The court is pending a lawsuit by the guardianship authorities regarding the restriction of Lichtenwald's parental rights.

Alyona Lichtenwald and her husband argue that the deterioration of the housing served as the reason for the removal of the children. In the house, the ceiling may collapse at any moment, and therefore it is dangerous for children to be in it, according to guardianship authorities. The couple wanted to repair the house at the expense of the capital, but officials, according to the family, did not allow them to spend money on these purposes. 

In addition, according to Nikolai Samoroka, the family has been in conflict with the doctors of the district hospital for several months. In January, he filed a complaint against a nurse, accusing her of neglecting the illness of one of the youngest children. In his opinion, the doctor did not diagnose the child during the right time, and as a result, he ended up in intensive care with pneumonia.

“I didn’t let me examine the children”

RT and the Minister of Education of the region, Alexei Pakhomov, spoke about the family’s conflict with doctors, who, on behalf of the regional governor Denis Pasler, finds out the reasons for the removal of children.

Doctors at the local clinic claim that Lichtenwald refused to examine the children.  

“We knocked on the door for 15 minutes to be opened. The house was always scattered things, bedding was missing. The children were half dressed, unkempt, hair clumped, not washed. Sometimes it was noticed that the children had crowded diapers, ”explains RT Gulzhan Suleymanova, medical assistant of the medical ambulance station of the village of Krasnochabansky, Dombaro district.

The paramedic claims that on one of her visits, she noticed bruises in her six-year-old daughter Lichtewald.

“Mother did not deny that it was a beating, and claimed that the girl indulges in a lot and her father punished her. We then tried to fix everything, but the man kicked us out, ”Suleymanova recalls.

According to her, the children of Lichtenwald do not even know how to use cutlery. 

“In the hospital, where they were first brought, they ate greedily with their hands, were not accustomed to spoons. Mother was with them for two days, then she collected all the food that the children were given for an afternoon snack, and ran away, ”the paramedic says.  

In turn, Alla Vorotnikova, head doctor of the Orsk Specialized Orphanage Children's Healthcare Institution, where the children are now, says that the kids have no pronounced signs of neglect. 

“The children were clean, but their nails were not trimmed and there was dirt under them. Now they are calm. The older girl is very active and talkative, but in the vocabulary she has obscene words. They have all the necessary skills. But two children have a retardation of neuropsychic development, and a one-year-old child does not walk, is not worth it, ”RT told Vorotnikova about the condition of the children.

Lived on subsidies

According to the head of the administration of the Krasnochabansky village council of the Dombarovsky district Murat Suenbaev, the husband and wife did not work and lived on children's allowances. 

“The children did not have a father in their birth certificates. According to the mother, this was done in order to receive more subsidies. They were not even married and signed only last Saturday, ”says Suenbaev RT.

He notes that the cost of the house that Lichtenwald bought is very high: for 450 thousand rubles in the village you can buy normal housing. However, according to him, Lichtenwald told him that they were deceived by the sellers of the house, not having eliminated all the violations before the transaction. 

“There was no gas or electricity in the house. A beam in the ceiling was broken. As a result, gas and light were repaired, but this beam is not. They appealed to the president and the governor twice. We have not received any calls. We offered to queue for better housing conditions, but she refused, ”says Suenbaev.

In turn, the neighbors whom RT correspondents spoke to speak about the large family in a neutral way - in general, they say, "they were normal, but they lived poorly."