Italy, the first European country hit by the coronavirus crisis, is once again enjoying freedom with the deconfinement and the reopening of borders. But in Milan, where the epidemic has been very violent, nothing still looks like life before, as the reporter from Europe 1 observed on the spot.


In the Piazza del Duomo in Milan, an unusual calm reigns. Here, in this city which was confined much earlier than its hexagonal neighbors, in the north of a country affected before France by the coronavirus, part of the restrictions adopted have been lifted. But due to the lack of tourists and because of the strict sanitary rules, the scent of life before has not yet returned.

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The square in front of the Milanese cathedral is quite empty; ice cream parlors and souvenir sellers are seated. "In recent days, the Milanese have started to go out, it is to get some air. Little by little, confidence is returning, even if some are afraid", tempers Francesca, who runs a kiosk without customers. "We had to get out of this confinement but it is difficult to see this place like that. Normally it is crowded at 8 am, not in the late afternoon. I have never seen it like this at this hour. "

Temperature measurement, signature sheet, etc.

What marks, in Milan, are the well respected sanitary measures, unlike Ventimiglia where Europe 1 went on Tuesday. We feel that the city was marked by this epidemic, which killed 33,000 people in the country, with a north much more affected than the south.


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If the deconfinement continues, as in France, you must also accept certain constraints when entering establishments, such as taking the temperature or the pay slip, in order to possibly go back to you in the event of contamination. The recovery is taking place slowly in this economic lung city of the country. The challenge is to know whether Lombardy will quickly regain its activity, industrial and tourist, essential for the rest of Italy.