Uncharted is a cult adventure game! In the fourth episode of "GAMERS", the podcast of Europe 1 Studio which tells you the secret stories of video games, Jean-François Morisse takes you to meet Christophe Balestra, the former president of the Naughty Dog studio. Without him, Uncharted and his hero Nathan Drake, would probably never have seen the light of day.

When it was released in 2007 on Sony's PlayStation 3, Uncharted was a real slap for the video game industry. 5 million copies of this adventure game are sold in six months. It's a record for a game that only exists on one console. The game receives dozens of awards and each new episode creates the event. But Uncharted and his hero Nathan Drake, however, almost never existed. 

It was without counting on the unwavering will of Christophe Balestra. This little French computer hacker with a crazy temperament will become the savior of Uncharted. Discover his story in the fourth episode of the new Europe 1 Studio podcast: "GAMERS, the secret stories of video games". 

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GAMERS is a Europe 1 Studio podcast

Voice, writing: Jean-François Morisse

Production: Adèle Ponticelli with Timothée Magot 

Realization: Marc-Olivier Grunfeld

Edition and distribution: Clémence Olivier