China News Service, June 2nd, according to a report by the US "World Daily", recently. Protests for the death of George Floyd, a African-American man from Mingzhou, who was killed by the white policeman Derek Chauvin’s knee were killed. In New York, protesters passed the two bridges through Chinatown and the lower city area, smashing police cars, even Rush into looting properties such as pharmacies and jewelry stores. On the evening of May 31st, local time, the Municipal Police Fifth Branch asked for support several times in a row, and the north side of Chinatown with Canal St as the dividing line was damaged by demonstrators, so remind the people of Chinatown to try their best after 5 pm Reduce going out.

  The police said that that night, the NYPD Strategic Response Group (NYPD Strategic Response Group) dispatched a large number of police forces to stay in the surroundings. Most police officers wore helmets and batons to maintain order at the scene, but more and more people poured into China from the Manhattan Bridge In various blocks of the port, a few thugs lit the cardboard on the roadside and threw them on the road or even near buildings, which could easily lead to larger-scale security incidents.

  In the recent demonstrations in New York City, most of the protesters did not take violent actions. Only a small number of rioters believed that organizing violence and injuring work police officers could achieve their goals. The Fifth Branch has placed martial law on Elizabeth St, where the police station is located, and has tried to protect the south side of Chinatown from being affected.

  The jurisdiction of the Fifth Branch Bureau covers the Manhattan Bridge, and demonstrators usually flood into the lower city from the two bridges. The Fifth Branch Bureau said that fortunately, many upper merchants in the jurisdiction are equipped with rolling shutters, so they are rarely attacked, but there are still pharmacies. , Jewelry stores and cigarette stores have not been spared.

  The protest march usually starts in the afternoon and reaches the climax in the evening. The Fifth Branch Bureau said that violent cases such as smashing and looting generally occur from evening to early morning, but the flow of people and police vehicles still remain, so it is recommended that residents of Chinatown go out as little as possible after 5 pm .

  It is reported that the General Administration of Police has formulated strategic measures for arranging police forces during demonstrations and required all police officers to stand by to prepare to return to duty.

  The City Police Union (The Police Benevolent Association) has recently stated that police officers cannot act alone when performing field missions and must have two or more people traveling together. (Zhang Chen)