• Interior.Moncloa ordered Marlaska to "put the batteries" and find out the content of the report of the 8-M
  • Analysis.The Grande-Marlaska purge unleashes the greatest crisis in the Civil Guard since Luis Roldán

Maximum pressure from the opposition on Fernando Grande-Marlaska. The PP, Vox and Ciudadanos demand the immediate resignation of the Interior Minister after a reserved document published by El Confidencial revealed that Colonel Pérez de los Cobos was dismissed as head of the Civil Guard Command in Madrid for having refused to filter the development of investigations made for a judge as a judicial police.

"Minister Marlaska lied in parliamentary headquarters and at a press conference. He must resign immediately," said PP general secretary Teodoro García Egea. In a message from the main account of the party, the PP also asks that Pedro Sánchez be the one to kick him out: "Marlaska dismissed Pérez de los Cobos for political reasons, and hid him from the Spanish. He should not continue for another minute at the head of the Interior Ministry. Either he resigns, or Pedro Sánchez must immediately dismiss him. "

The popular believe that the removal of the colonel is "the most serious attack on the independence of the Judiciary in Spain in recent years." And even more so if the motives were contrary to the law, since the 8-M investigation was only the responsibility of the judge, and the judge demanded that the Government not be informed. Thing that Pérez de los Cobos strictly followed and that would have cost him the job.

It must be remembered that the General Law of the Judiciary establishes, in its article 550, that "in the criminal investigation functions, the Judicial Police will act under the direction of the courts and the Prosecutor's Office", and must not attend, for Therefore, the orders of their organic superiors (the Ministry of the Interior).

For the Deputy Secretary for Social Policy of the PP, Cuca Gamarra , Marlaska, he should have already resigned, having failed to "respect the division of powers" and cause a "tsunami" within the Civil Guard with the cessation of Colonel Diego Pérez de Los Cobos.

Abascal: "Criminals!"

On the part of Vox, the parliamentary spokesman, Iván Espinosa de los Monteros, has warned that Marlaska "must resign immediately" after the document was published. Similarly, the party's leader, Santiago Abascal, has reacted by directly exclaiming "criminals!" for attempting to interfere with an ongoing judicial investigation.

Already last week, during a tense face-to-face between the deputy Macarena Olona and the Interior Minister, Vox revealed that on Sunday night, April 24, there were a series of calls and pressure from different commanders of the Civil Guard about Pérez de los Cobos so that he could reveal to them the content of the investigation his team was conducting. Something he did not do. Thus, the last of those calls was made by the director of the Civil Guard, María Gámez, to communicate her dismissal. This conversation took place around "10:30 pm", Olona said. The time fits in time with the signature of Gámez in the document of the dismissal, which was exactly at 10:14 p.m. that Sunday.

"He will fall for his subordinates," said the Vox deputy, who on Tuesday has repeated her sentence again. "Never ask a question whose answer you do not know beforehand. Now you all know why the unworthy Minister Marlaska did not answer me," he said.

Bal: "He lied to the Spanish"

Citizens has also demonstrated along the same lines. The orange party has again demanded resignation today because Marlaska "has lied to the Spanish" and because he dismissed Pérez de los Cobos "for refusing to carry out an illegal order."

As explained by the parliamentary spokesman for Citizens, Edmundo Bal, what happened is "inadmissible" and the interior minister "can not continue for another minute in his position."

Last week, Cs already demanded the resignation of Marlaska. As Bal accused him in the plenary session of Congress, the Government intends to instill fear in all public administration workers, sending the message that he who dissents will be struck down.

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