Las Vegas casino reopened New corona infection prevention measures published June 2 12:00

A casino in Las Vegas, USA, which has been closed due to the spread of new coronavirus infection, is now able to resume operations on the 4th of this month, and a new infection prevention measure has been disclosed to the press.

In Las Vegas, the casino is still closed due to the spread of the new coronavirus, but each company is preparing for it in response to the fact that the local Nevada state has resumed business from 4th of this month.

On the 1st, the major MGM Resorts International invited the press to the casino attached to the hotel in the center of Las Vegas to announce the preparation status of new infection control measures.

We are reducing the number of slot machines to make it possible for customers to keep a distance from each other, and we have installed transparent boards to prevent jumps between the dealer and the customers who deal cards.

In addition to distributing masks to our customers free of charge, we have set up a washbasin to wash our hands diligently.

The unemployment rate in April exceeded 28%, the worst in all states in the United States, due to the closure of the casino, which is one of the largest industries in Nevada, and business restarted among people involved in casinos and restaurants. Expectations are rising.

John Flynn, who is in charge of infection prevention measures at MGM, said, "I want to slowly and steadily implement new measures. I hope that all of our customers will feel comfortable in the future."