• Turin. A woman died in the fire of her home
  • Vincenzo Muccioli's granddaughter was found at home


02 June 2020 The deputy prosecutor Laura Siani was found dead last night in her home in the center of Lecco.
He was 44 years old and had been serving on the prosecutor's office since last spring.

Originally from Mandello del Lario, in the province of Lecco, the magistrate was the daughter of the well-known musician Dino Siani, who passed away in 2017 and sister of Giorgio Siani, former mayor of Mandello.

Before arriving in Lecco Laura Siani had been on duty in Palermo and before in Lodi.

To call law enforcement a neighbor. On the spot the chief prosecutor Antonio Chiappani with his closest collaborators and the Carabinieri. Investigations are still ongoing to trace the causes of his death.