02 June 2020Today is a unique June 2, in the midst of the pandemic just a few hours after the complete reopening of the borders in Phase 2 for the celebrations for the Republic Day, the heads of the state leave their message to political forces and citizens.

The President of the Senate Maria Elisabetta Alberti Casellati turns to the Italian political forces to find the way of dialogue and collaboration, "I think that there must be a great collaboration between the political forces in the field because in the pandemic, as in wars, everyone must to be united under the same banner for the defense of one's personal life and the economy. In the face of the drama of a pandemic that has led to over 30 thousand deaths and the recession, it is unacceptable that the reasons for the oppositions exceed those of dialogue and confrontation ", said Casellati in an interview with RAI Parliament, together with the President of the Chamber Roberto Fico, on the occasion of a special Rai on Rai 2 June.

Casellati also talks about coronavirus victims, who often died without the greeting of loved ones and the tireless work of women during isolation. "I am very saddened by the coronavirus victims, dead who remained without even the comfort and the last farewell of their family members, a death deprived of the traits of human pity. For the respect of so much suffering we must do everything, each for its part , to start our country from an economic and social point of view. As a woman I want to emphasize that women have had the greatest weight of the pandemic, they have seen their work doubled, having to divide between profession, home, children and the elderly. we have to look to them, who have been the protagonists of a 'new Resistance': they have courage, creativity, strength. They will be the engine of economic rebirth ". 

Even the President of the Chamber Roberto Fico leaves a message for our community and the roots of our institutions that come from the end of the Second World War.

"The Republic Day reminds us of our being a community, the heritage of values ​​that keep us united, the roots on which our institutions are planted. On June 2, 1946 the Italians, still surrounded by the ruins of the war, were able to look ahead and build a better future for themselves and for generations to come. They wanted Italy to be a democratic, just and modern country. On this day, full of meaning for all of us, we reaffirm the principles and values ​​of the Republican Constitution And we reiterate that freedom, dignity, solidarity, equality and legality are not obvious achievements, which must be cultivated, shared and protected on a daily basis. This year our country is experiencing a delicate and complex moment having to face a health emergency and the serious economic consequences that the Covid-19 pandemic has produced. Our thoughts go to the victims, to those who have lost loved ones, to hard-hit communities. or thank you go to the doctors and nurses on the front lines in these months. The state must remain alongside citizens who, in the contingent situation of widespread uncertainty and precariousness, must not feel abandoned.

"And our boys and girls must not feel abandoned because of the emergency they have not been able to return to school and - not without difficulty - have followed the courses in recent months with distance learning, also thanks to the work of our teachers. And we must not forget those young people who did not have the same possibilities as their peers, and who for various reasons were excluded from a didactic path in which they had the right to participate ". 

"We must work so that the emergency situation does not create - in school as in society - further inequalities or jeopardizes principles and rights guaranteed by the Constitution. The values ​​of the Republic that we celebrate today are realized when we do everything necessary so that no one is left behind. back- continues Fico. It is a duty that calls into question the democratic essence of the state, its ability to remove the obstacles that prevent the full development of the human person, as our Constitution expressly asks us. And the republican values ​​call each of us - today more than ever - to active participation in civil and democratic life which contributes to making our country better ".